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An Interview with Mr. Harshvardhan Singh, BMS student of Reena Mehta College, contributor of 250+ amazing articles on of the year 2014:

Harshvardhan Singh


1)      Tell us about yourself

I can summarize who I am in three words – concise, creative and compelling, Well to get into more details about me is that I am a management student who has been living with only one quotation in his life “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” and that’s what I do try different stuff sometimes as a writer, a critic, a speaker, an artist or just a simple fun loving  guy who explores the world of possibilities with his companion laptop and with his close ones.


2)      How and when did you get started writing?

I was reading The Winner Stands Alone novel by Paulo Coelho back in 2008 when I came to realise the possibilities of the word that are just typed and take us to a place which is so exciting made me think I should also try my luck in writing.


3)      How do you usually find your ideas / writing topics?

The ideas behind my writing are mostly the mishaps happening around me and the society which bothers me a lot and even the current and trending affairs catches my eye and makes me push the buttons on my keyboard.


4)      What are your favourite books – and why?

There are lot of pages that I have turned till now some of my favourite page turners are:               

Train to Pakistan Novel by Khushwant Singh – One of the most moving and engaging story that I have read as it is a book by my favourite writer Khushwant Singh, I must say it’s a must read for every book lover, a sure page turner and if you like bold writing it is surely a book for you.

Some other titles that I loved reading are In Cold Blood Book by Truman Capote, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, The Silence of the Lambs Novel by Thomas Harris and many others.


5)      Favorite films?

Movies are an important part of my life. I admire cinema a lot mostly the movies of my favourite directors and classics. Some of my favourites are Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, Martin Scorsese’s The king of comedy, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Vertigo. QT’s Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and The Godfather and Star Wars Series.


6)      Favorite Music?

Music is what inspires me a lot in my daily life, Dubstep is my favourite Genre and fan of the Rap God Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka EMINEM.


7)      Give us 3 “Good to know” facts about you. Be creative.

I love travel, my dream destination that I want to travel are ISTANBUL and NEW ZEALAND so if that’s what you also wanna visit then yes you can be my soulmate.

Things I hate are YOYO HONEY SINGH, TAYLOR SWIFT, Terrorism and all the inhuman activities happening around and Raisin.

Thinking creative and even having weird ideas and to execute them, I do them a lot. If you are good to me I am your best friend and if you are not you will be surprised. Living the life to the fullest is what I believe.


8)      Who has influenced you the most in your life? And Why?

Throughout our life we come across a person who changes the viewpoint of our life so we shall benefit from it. For me, both my parents have had a continuous impact on my life, but my father has had the most extensive one. As long as I can remember the most influential person is my father; all the hard work he has done for me has a major role in my life. He is very kind and very comprehensible. My father is a very loving, intelligent, social and competent person. He is a great worker and successful person. He is still working a full time job and sometimes more. Now I have to work hard, succeed for my father, and repay him for what he has done for me, and in order to make him proud and happy for all his hard work. That is why he has been the major influence in my life.


9)      What next after the BMS writing internship?

After BMS.CO.IN internship I will concentrate on my final year and to get good grades and I will be happy to contribute anything possible by my side to the website if possible.


10)   What tips would you like to give to the upcoming writers / interns of

For the upcoming writer’s I just want to say make the most of the opportunity write something which matters and if it helps even a single person it’s the best thing that you can do on such a huge platform .


11)   Your feedback/suggestions for

BMS.CO.IN is doing a great job by providing this opportunity to the students by providing a huge platform. Just want to say keep up the good work . 


HARSHVARDHAN SINGH interned with as a Content writer Intern from 5th June 2014 to 15th November 2014.






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176.                      Sharapova: Who Is SACHIN? (JANTA MAAF NAI KAREGI!!).

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179.                      Top 5 Movies of 2013: MUST WATCH

180.                      What Are the Most-Wanted Movie Sequels of All Time?

181.                      5 Movies That Will Creep You Out

182.                      5 actors who killed people in real life

183.                      The Reggae King: BOB MARLEY

184.                      The Best Songs Of ‘RIHANNA’.

185.                      The 5 Best Male Rappers of All Time

186.                      Top Music Collaborations Of All Time.

187.                      Top 5 Bollywood Actors Of All Time

188.                      All You Need To Know About Zack Sydner’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE.

189.                      7 things to know about LANA DEL RAY.

190.                      The Top 5 Greatest Tom Hanks Performances.

191.                      What to Expect from The Expendables 3

192.                      World’s Highest Grossing Movies.

193.                      The Top 5 Songs Of Skrillex

194.                      5 Most Epic Rock Concerts of All Time

195.                      Legacy of Peter Jackson’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRIOLOGY.

196.                      Top 5 Most Romantic Movies of All Time

197.                      Country Music Top 5 Most Influential Artists.

198.                      10 Dexter Morgan Quotes On Life

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200.                      The Best Books Made Into Hollywood Movies

201.                      The Top 5 Movie Franchises Of All Time

202.                      Legacy of The Godfather Movie

203.                      THE BEST OF LIL WAYNE!

204.                      5 Films Guaranteed to Lift Your Spirits

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206.                      Scarlett Johansson’s: LUCY preview.

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209.                      You Will Prefer To Die Before Watching These Movies : BOLLYWOOD.

210.                      8 Awesome Facts About Batman

211.                      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: UNLEASHED

212.                      Top 10 Best Rock Bands Ever!

213.                      Why PULP FICTION Is One Of The Greatest Movies

214.                      EDM Fans Didn’t Recognize This Top DJ??

215.                      Things You Didn’t Know About Eminem

216.                      5 best movie endings: left us speechless and shocked.

217.                      This Wannabe Baby Wants A Grammy: YOYO HONEY SINGH.

218.                      9 Things You Must Know About Chloe Grace Moretz!

219.                      Transformers: Age of Extinction- What To Expect?

220.                      Bill gates – Opening Window’s of Fortune since 1983

221.                      Sightseeing in Rome? Do it as the Romans do!

222.                      Panipuri – A Delight To Your Taste Buds

223.                      Why I find Akhilesh Yadav, a Careless Ruler!

224.                      Spain Suffers Early World Cup Exit

225.                      Monsoon Men’s Fashion : GET COOL

226.                      Game Of Thrones Season 4: The Deaths VALAR MORGHULIS

227.                      If You Are Reading About Tom Hardy, Read This: His Top 5 Performances!

228.                      Yoga – the best FREE medication YOU could have

229.                      The best of Kayne West You Absolutely can’t Miss!

230.                      What The Experts Are Saying About Sony Xperia Z2.

231.                      Auto Review: Do we really want to ride the Maruti Suzuki swift?

232.                      So True Facts on How Mumbai Students Are The Smartest in the world

233.                      How Indian Wildlife Is Much More Fascinating Than You Could Imagine

234.                      Why You Should Raise Your Voice Against Marital Abuse and domestic violence.

235.                      How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Movie Review

236.                      Fashion Tips for Grown-Up Men.

237.                      Decoding The Spicy Maharashtrian Cuisine

238.                      Best Hangout’s in Mumbai!

239.                      Soch Badle Toh Desh Badlega! Today’s Requirement For India

240.                      Amazing Musicians From Across The World.

241.                      Precautions Before You Travel To A New Destination!

242.                      Summer Food : For Good Health

243.                      The Shiva Triology – As Good As It Gets!

244.                      The Top 5 Firms In The Indian Business Industry

245.                      Top 10 amazing DJ’s – The Secret To The World’s Best Parties!

246.                      Know The Men Behind The Camera – 6 Best Directors Of The World

247.                      5 Of India’s Richest Men – You Must Know About!

248.                      Paulo Coelho’s The Winner Stands Alone – Book Review

249.                      INDIAN Legends Of The Sporting World.

250.                      Why We Love Sachin Tendulkar?

251.                      7 of the worlds best bars you must visit.

252.                      What success should mean to you.

253.                      How To Avoid Getting Friendzoned And Get Your Girl To Like You!

254.                      Royal Enfield continental GT- madness unleashed.

255.                      World’s most scariest movie of all time

256.                      Uday Kotak Is World Entrepreneur Of The Year By EY’s.

257.                      Agents Of Shield: All We Need To Know About Season 1 And Season 2.

258.                      Gerrard Relieved Of Horrific Tackles And No Injuries.

259.                      China and India: Some work to be done?

260.                      World’s best Universities.

261.                      All You Needed To Know About Your Loksabha Speaker: Sumitra Mahajan (TAI)

262.                      Poverty: An Aspect Neglected.

263.                      Automobile Review: KTM Duke 200.

264.                      Fifa World Cup Mania: A Gift from Google.

265.                      Aththi Devo Bhava – An Idiom You Must Practise

266.                      Highest Rated TV Series: The TOP 10 You Must Watch!

267.                      7 Mantra’s For Successful Interpersonal Relations

268.                      JUNE 5: WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY And It’s Importance

269.                      Top 5 Actors Of Hollywood We All Love

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