How Will Game of Thrones end in ice,fire or somewhere else? Some fans already know …


Author George RR Martin has revealed that some fans have already guessed how his saga concludes. So what are the most likely endings?

Is there anything that can stop Daenerys Targaryen reclaiming the Iron Throne of Westeros for her family at the climax of George RR Martin’s faux-historical saga A Song of Ice and Fire? This week, Martin told the Edinburgh international book festival that some fans have already correctly guessed how he is going to end the multi-volume fantasy series adapted for TV as Game of Thrones. The truth is out there, then: but which of the many theories is correct? Here are a few of the most plausible (with some minor spoilers):

Jon Snow usurps the feuding dynasties and unites the Seven Kingdoms under his captivatingly hunkypants rule
Does the dreamboat with sensitive eyes and more hair than is fair have what it takes to topple the incumbent Lannisters? He has been battling coarse northerners and CGI zombies in the icy wastes and having a thing with that now-dead sourpuss archer (think: Katniss Everdeen but from Rochdale) – the perfect CV for the top job.


Jon and Daenerys rule in a dual monarchy pleasingly fraught with sexual tension 
This is the most common theory on fansites. Why did Martin call his book A Song of Ice and Fire, they ask? Because Jon is ice to Daenerys’s fire (she has been raising fire-breathing dragons during exile, you see) which indicates their last-act union. Will they share the Iron Throne in a platonic manner or get it on in the last scene in the manner counselled by Ser Marvin of Gaye? HBO’s ratings guys are probably drooling into their spreadsheets over the latter possibility.


Tyrion Lannister becomes king, putting quite the crimp in sister Queen Cersei’s smouldering pout 
Martin has ruled out changing his planned ending to confound the fans who’ve second-guessed him, but it must be tempting to change the narrative arc and put the Imp on the throne, given Peter Dinklage’s onscreen interpretation of everybody’s favourite wise-cracking dwarf. Plus that would mean that Lena Headey’s Cersei would have quite the sulky gob on her come closing credits, which I would certainly pay to see.


The Lord of Dragonstone becomes king, helped by a priestess with more wicked witchery than Stevie Nicks, and a loan from Sherlock’s brother 
But what of the claims of House Baratheon? Stephen Dillane’s brooding claimant Stannis Baratheon has something his rivals don’t – a witch aide with hair extensions whose clothes keep falling off for reasons incidental to the plot but consistent with the franchise’s dubious sexual politics. Plus Mark Gatiss’s Iron Bank of Braavos has loaned him money to fund his claim, which must help.


Deadly tom boy Arya Stark puts to the sword all those who conspired against her dad before becoming queen of all our hearts 
This option would give us all narrative closure and not unreasonable hopes for peace in a troubled realm. So never going to happen, then.


How do you reckon it’s all going to end? 


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