Top 5 Most Annoying Computer Moments



Using a computer allows us to do a great deal of things, but sometimes things don’t go as they are supposed to.

In this post I’d like to share my top 5 most annoying computer moments with you.

1:Lost data


One of my most annoying computer moments was when I completely lost all of the data that was stored on my hard disc. One day I simply tried to start-up my computer and it didn’t skip towards the Windows boot screen. At first I thought it had something to do with a new program I installed, but after several painstaking attempts to find the cause of the problem I figured the hard disc was simply broken. After installing a new hard disc everything functioned as normal again, but because of it I lost all of the photo’s (years of photo’s were just gone completely), files, games, music, programs and what not more that was stored on that hard disc. The hard (and annoying) lesson I learned was to always make back-ups of important data, and to rather use an SSD drive than a hard disc, which break less easily because SSD’s don’t have any spinning components.

2: Corporate spam


A truly annoying part of my daily life consists out of corporations that try to get my attention through email. The ones I find especially annoying are those who try to send me an email or newsletter every single day, about some uninteresting new product, presumably news event or about other stuff that isn’t truly important. I think what most businesses don’t realize is that sending clients or potential clients email messages can be a great tool to increase revenue, but that sending emails every single day with things that are not of absolute importance isn’t the way to do it. I only want to be contacted with the most interesting of deals or information, and that a company I bought something from online has a new CEO or that a site has a new function isn’t worth my attention on a day to day basis. You may wonder why I didn’t opt out to all of these companies than, well I did. So if you’re responsible for any type of email newsletters, stop harassing people with frequent uninteresting company information and make it worth someone’s time to get an email from your business.

3: Windows Update
Another very annoying computer moment is when I am working on something important and Windows thinks its time for an update. It always starts with the realization that something is eating away all of my download speed and gets followed with the familiar demand to restart my computer. Sometimes I just leave it for the next day and than I get the same annoying message again, demanding me to restart my computer to install the new updates, which always makes me wonder “I just started my computer, why I need to restart it again while I just restarted it!?” In other words I don’t understand why Windows Update needs to be so intrusive, so annoying. Of course I understand our PC’s need updates to critical leaks and what not more, but does it really need to eat away all of our download speed when it searches and downloads new updates? And does it than need to ask us all the time to restart our PC? I think Windows Update could simply use a small amount of download capacity, so your internet speed isn’t eradicated for long periods of time, and it could simply install the updates the next time you start your computer.

4: Slow boot time


A annoying computer moment that can make me mentally unstable is when I am in a rush or have a deadline to complete and my computer takes all the time in the world to start-up. I blame this great annoyance most prominently on software makers that think all of their software needs to start at boot. It is also why I mainly have this annoyance when I’ve installed new software that without knowing turned itself into a start-up program at boot. When I am unaware of this for a while I am confronted with boot times that can be five or even ten times longer than what I’m normally used to, even slowing down my work speed when I can actually do something. Luckily I can solve all of this by simply turning off much of such unneeded start-up programs to make my boot time more bearable again.

5: Blue Screen of Death


One of my most annoying computer moments is when I am confronted with a so called Blue Screen of Death. This mainly happens when my computer is overheated or when I try to do something that costs my PC a lot of visual processing power. What I find the most annoying about this problem is that I simply can’t do anything to stop it. It always happens at the moment I’m working on a lot of things or playing a game. When it appears I can only say things I won’t write down here and wait until everything restarts again. What I also find annoying about the Blue Screen of Death is that its somewhat unclear what’s going on at times. It’s clear that some type of major error occurred, but I think it must be possible to receive some type of message to avoid the Blue Screen of Death. For instance I’d like to get a message that says my PC is overheating or that I am doing to much things at the same time, everything to avoid this blue screen.

So well, there you have it, some of my most annoying computer moments thus far. I hope you will not have to experience these annoyances yourself, but if you do I hope you will be able to learn of the annoying computer experiences that I had.


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