1. A routine life


The routine and schedule that your school makes you habitual of will surely force you to miss it. It is only the school life that forms your routine, once your school life is over; you will notice that there is no routine or proper timing left. Everything will sound messy and entangled. The disciplined and rules-bounded life will surely be missed thereafter.

2. Groups and gossips


The exercise of forming groups and then gossiping about the other one was the most amazing experience you had ever had. Gossiping about other groups made you more active in the boring classrooms than the usual study classes. This used to be the real pastime for you in between the all disciplinary activities.

3. Long summer vacations


Vacations will be on the top of the list of things you will miss after school life is over. After a session gets over, you eagerly wait for the vacations to take place. Even before the announcement of vacations, you used to plan out the things you would do in that time. Therefore, these vacations will be very much missed by you after the school life is over.

4. Punishments and strictness


For breaking any rule or for not wearing proper uniform, you used to get punished by your teachers. Those punishments were strict but at the end of the students, these punishments were enjoyed and were regarded as an amusing. In fact, some of the students deliberately broke the rules to get punished. These punishments will definitely knock up your mind thereafter.

5. Competition among classmates


In spite of all this fun, scoring high marks and making good scores was the main target of every student. This led to the competition among friends and classmates that sometimes made the situation worst and sometimes enjoyable. Those most awaited times of results will deeply be missed.

6. Video games


Video games are part of student games right from the days of Contra and Mario Brothers. Almost all the students would like to play video games after coming back from the school. But once they get out of the school life and goes to a college or for a job, they won’t find much time to play video games. Although some people will still find to play games even after their school life, not everyone will be able to afford it and they will surely miss it.

These are the six things you will miss once your school life is over. So, what are you waiting for? Make up the most of the memories and bunch them up as the sweet memories for future.


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