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This post of mine would help you’ll to understand that how undertaking internships would help in filling the GAP between what we learn and how it gets implemented in organisations. I am also a BMS graduate from Thakur college of science and commerce in 2016. The ideology behind writing of this post is to guide people as to what things students need to do when they are pursuing their UG degrees, things are not the same when you start working, infact there are times when you will come across such situations wherein you will get to know that everything is just different from what you have learnt or something which is very new to you. Now at this stage of my career I realized that there was much more I could have done during my BMS by undertaking an Internship which would have been a WHOLESOME experience for what I learned during my entire period of BMS. Let me tell you students, kindly utilize your summer breaks in gaining some hands on experience it will help you understand things more accurately than what you learn during the course period. Undertaking internships not only helps in adding value to your CV but you will something PRACTICAL which you can relate to and can speak upon. There is a lot of competition outside and that is when you stand a chance to showcase what you have done by undertaking some meaningful hands on experience. There are plenty of companies outside who look out for interns in summers and winter breaks, wherein you get to learn things which are sometimes not taught deeply in our course syllabus. The plus point of undertaking internships is that “you will come across some areas of your own interest which you want to work in” (like HR, marketing, finance, IT, etc.). This will enable you to identify your future prospects also in the outside world. Many students falter when they are asked direct questions like “WHY FINANCE/MARKETING/HR?”, such questions can be answered if you have some concrete stuff where you stand out of the crowd and answer. For instance nowadays there are students who divert from fields from engineering to management without doing MBA or any management programs, instead they undertake internships in such areas which are worthwhile instead of pursuing a full time management/MBA program. On a very serious note I would like to conclude that start utilising your time wisely.

“An investment made by you today will benefit you in future.”

Thank you

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