Is Female Abuse or Violence against women only when she is Hit by something and is turned red and blue? Or is it when she is verbally abused and cries her heart out, loses her self confidence and slips into Depression? No, that is the extreme of Female Abuse, Violence against women and Domestic Violence. It starts much before then getting on to the Extreme. We must all say No much before.


It’s high time we women have been abused and used or should I say, Misused by this so called Man made world. The time when a girl is born to the time a girl’s grave is decorated she is used, misused, she is abused and Yes! SHE IS….

Marriage is between two people, two families. It is not just the girl who has to sacrifice, adjust and bow down. Yes, to have a healthy marriage, it is a must to adjust, sacrifice and smile, but that should happen from both sides and not just one.  I remember, in an interview an elderly couple were asked a question, What’s the secret of a happy married life? The elderly couple smiled and they replied, when both want to be in the relationship, they will do whatever it takes. When one of them leaves everything on the other, the marriage starts dying.

But how does one know the limit of abuse she can handle? When a girl, female or a woman is abused, she must raise her voice there and then. If it continues, continue raising your voice. If it still goes on and makes your life more complicated, do not wait to move out of it, Don’t be afraid, Take the step right now.

A girl cannot wear what she wants to, cannot travel alone, cannot travel at night, the boys find ways to touch her, grope her in Crowdy places. Even a rape victim is ill treated and blamed by neighbors and society. This is an issue we need to raise our voices on, Even if it has not happened with us, someone is there who needs our help.

It’s not written to blame any person or family but there are many families who are. Dowry, Rapes, Child abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassments is not stopping. I just want the educated people to look into their societies and find these culprits and raise voice against them.


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A fan of art,cinema,music and whatever is beautiful. currently a student. Creativity and innovation always draws me towards it. i am the one who reads books,hears music take pictures explore places and does whatever gives peace and pleasure and shares it .

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