How To Avoid Getting Friendzoned And Get Your Girl To Like You!



It’s an age old question and each guy get’s this question once in their mind. Girls are bit tricky to understand let’s see here some tips to make her LIKE YOU.
1: Avoid Falling Into the Friend Zone
It’s a lot easier to fall into the friend zone than it is to get her to like you as a lover. If you’re not careful, you could end up having a long list of girlfriends who call you up and complain about the loves in their lives. You need to show her that it’s her that u really here for.
2: Building Attraction Between You and The Girl
You’re already attracted to her, so the goal now is to make her view you in the same light. In order to build attraction, you will need to do so on all levels. Personal grooming is a no-brainer. Make sure that your hair and facial hair are shaped up and smelling good and make sure that you’re wearing something that is comfortable, yet fashionable.
3: Keep Your Body Toned
You need not be a Ryan Gosling but it’s better to be in a good shape .
4: Talk to Her
The only way that you can get the attention of any girl, you’re going to have to speak to her. Now that you’ve groomed yourself and gotten your confidence up in your visual aspects, you can approach the one you’re attracted to and get her attention.
• Ask questions about her likes, dislikes and hobbies: since the two of you are first meeting, you will need to learn all you can about her, so that you can generate topics that she would enjoy conversing about.
• Talk about her childhood: you can ask about where she grew up and what her childhood was like.
• Focus on talking about things the two of you have in common: this can be found out while asking questions and listening to her talk.
Don’t start talking about Religion, Politics, Money, Relationships, Family issues.
5: Get Her Phone Number

After having a good conversation, try asking for her phone number, so that the two of you can continue chatting.
6: Do Give Her Compliments
Girls love to be complimented, so look for opportunities to do so. You can give her compliments about what she’s wearing or something that she did.
7: Now Ask Her on a Date
By this time, you should know if she is interested in you or not. She is likely waiting for you to ask her, so do it!
Keep this in mind and she will like you. Be a gentleman.


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