1. Sharks are straight-up great at existing! They’ve been swimming on our planet for almost 400 MILLION years.

12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else


2. Some sharks are real good at being BIG. The whale shark is the largest fish on the entire planet.

 12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

3. Basking sharks are basically living vacuums that never have to worry about spoiling their appetite. They’re able to suck in “more than 10,000 quarts of plankton-filled water in one hour.”

12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

4. Hammerhead sharks can see (almost) ev-er-y-thang better than anything else underwater, without the use of any kind of glasses.

12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

5. Sharks don’t have bones, which means they have more courage than anyone else, despite being spineless

12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

6. Sharks can adapt like, really, really well.

12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

7. These guys have superpowers that mutants would be jealous of.

12 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else

But sadly, there’s one thing sharks don’t do better — they can’t recover quickly enough from human impacts and over fishing.







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  1. Vaibhav Sharma 5 years ago

    Mighty Animal 🙂

  2. […] 88.  7 Things Sharks Do Better Than Everyone Else! […]

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