Movie Review: Pizza 3D


Vikram Bhatt has perhaps done the biggest disservice to horror films and Ekta Kapoor has just added to that mess. Frankly speaking, horror movies were still somewhere absurdly horror till the Adhikari brothers were around. The masks and the green goo coming out from orifices of the “spirit” and the quintessential ‘chudail’ with her turned feet at least reminded you again and again that you’re watching a horror film. What Vikram Bhatt did was mess the entire genre. Horror films suddenly bordered on ‘awkward’ soft porn-ish content with Vikram showing more ‘Jism’ and less ‘bhoot’. Ekta Kapoor has followed suit and even casted a pornstar (Sunny Leone) in her last horror film – Ragini MMS 2. FYI, these films that are being dished out by Vikram Bhatt and Ekta Kapoor are now being called HORREX films – HORRor + sEX. 

Finally, Pizza 3D brings back authenticity to the horror genre. This one is definitely a HORROR – SUSPENSE – THRILLER. And it fits all these 3 categories.


Pizza 3D is the story of a young delivery boy Kunal (Akshay Oberoi) married to  a novelist who loves writing horror stories. A skeptic, Kunal is usually seen laughing off his wife’s belief in the supernatural up until he is asked to deliver a pizza at a house. The movie is a remake of a Tamil film of the same name back in 2012. The film’s story unfolds like this : The Pizza boy returns to the owner of the restaurant – his boss, drenched in blood, asking about his wife and her whereabouts. He then narrates the incidents of what happened with him while in the house. He tells his boss that a lady had ordered the pizza and he went to deliver it to the house.

The lady answers the door for him and went upstairs to retrieve change for the pizza. Almost immediately a power failure happens and Kunal is left in the dark to wait for the the customer to return. Suddenly he hears a scream from above. On investigating, he finds the woman murdered and a slice from the pizza missing. Evidently there is someone else in the house. Kunal runs to get out of the house but finds himself locked in. What happens next is full of horror. And I MEAN THE WORKS! Woman walking like a spider, zombies, creepy ghost of a kid etc. etc.. The story however ends with a suspense plot unfolding and a “twist” in the end.  

I personally liked the logic behind the entire suspense twist but the plot at no time stops being a horror film. You will only understand that once you watch the film and revealing more would give out the entire film’s story.

Akshay Oberoi, famously known for being Vivek Oberoi’s cousin and unknown for making his debut in Sooraj Bharjatiya’s Isi Life Mein, has done a great job in this film. He convincingly goes from being a skeptic to utter shock on coming face to face with the supernatural. Arunoday Singh and Dipanita Sharma who play the woman and man of the spooked house have also done a good (and not an idiotic comical) job. The worst job has been done by Parvathy Omanakuttan, whose accent is strange. 

The movies success lies squarely on the shoulders of the director of the film and the excellent Tamil film from which it was remade. The director Akshay Akkineni has ensured not to go the Vikram Bhatt Ekta K way! Kudos to him just to keep away from the sleaze and sex and deliver an authentic horror flick. That’s another thing if it spooks you or not. No doubt Siddharth Roy Kapoor (MD Disney UTV Productions) decided to put money on this film.

All in all I give this movie a score of 3 on 5. It’s a nice breezy watch and if you get easily spooked, this movie is perfect to warm your senses up to watch other intense horror films! Also young couples, good movie to go to for kicks and hugs wink wink.


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