British actress Emilia Clarke is fast becoming one of our hottest exports. Not only is she the undisputed star of one of television’s most popular shows, Game of Thrones, but she’s also beautiful, stylish and talented too. We think she’s destined for big things. Here are the 5 reasons we love her.

She’s the biggest star of Game of Thrones. Ask anyone who their favorite character in Game of Thrones is and chances are they’ll say Daenerys Targaryen, and in an ensemble cast of over 100 people, that’s quite a feat. So just why do people like Clarke’s on-screen persona so much? Well, she’s the underdog, for a start. Not only has her entire family been murdered but she’s the rightful heir to a throne held by the show’s undisputed villain. She’s also the character that’s changed the most – from frightened, downtrodden girl to powerful Queen at the head of an army. What’s not to like?

She’s incredibly stylish. Most stars take years to find their sartorial feet, but not Clarke. Ever since her first appearance on the red carpet two years ago, she’s consistently proven she knows her stuff, wearing that Marie Antoinette-inspired Chanel resort collection, Valentino Couture and Calvin Klein Collection.

She slipped into Audrey Hepburn’s shoes easily. Taking on the role of Holly Golightly is no enviable task – after all, Audrey Hepburn’s turn as the 1940s waif continues to inspire to this day – but Clarke did it with grace and seeming ease in the Broadway adaptation of Truman Capote’s novel. Receiving largely positive reviews, the natural brunette shone in the role, more than proving her diversity as an actress.

She’s modest. If Jared Leto approached us, told us how amazing our eyes were and complimented our work, we’d be falling at his feet, but not Clarke. Leto interrupted Clarke’s red carpet interview at the SAG Awards and used it as an opportunity to get his flirt on, gushing, “I’ve never seen your show but I’ve heard great things.” Clarke returned the compliment, but went one further, saying she’d actually seen his film and heard his band.

She’s got a good sense of humour. Not only has she dated TV’s funniest man, Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, but she’s also admitted talking to CGI dragons for Game of Thrones makes her feel a bit bonkers. Natch.


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