Explain The Media Scheduling Strategies / Methods


Media Scheduling


Media Scheduling:

Media scheduling decisions are the decision about the timing, continuity & size of the ads.


Media Scheduling strategies(methods):

It is concerned with the scheduling of advertising. Media scheduling relates to the timing of media insertions within a specified period.

The various media scheduling strategies are:

  • Bursting strategy
  • Burst-hiatus-flight strategy
  • Flight strategy
  • Pulsing strategy
  • Alternating strategy
  • Steady strategy
  • Step-down strategy
  • Teaser step-up strategy



  • Bursting strategy:

In this strategy advertising will be done heavily during a particular period of time according to the plan. For example, a company when introduces a new product in a new market within a specified period of time, this strategy specially is used by the company.


  • Burst-hiatus –flight strategy:

It is specially used for seasonal products. During the busy season the advertiser will make large scale advertising & during the off-season the advertiser may not spend on advertising. For example: during winter season winter/woolen clothes advertisement will be more than the same in other seasons.


  • Flight strategy:

This strategy is used for the product whose selling remains uniform throughout the year & advertising schedule is distributed throughout the year. For example: all consumer products of mass consumption like tooth pastes, soaps, shampoos, etc.


  • Pulsing strategy:

In pulsing strategy regular advertising will be made for two to three weeks followed by low advertising for a short period.


  • Alternating strategy:

In this strategy the advertiser advertises his goods & services every alternate month.


  • Steady strategy:

In this strategy the advertiser spends a fixed amount of money every month. It can be of any amount which is been decided for the advertisement.


  • Step-down strategy:

Under this strategy as the season approaches there is heavy advertising. Advertising is reduce when the season starts decaling, for example: when rainy season approaches lot of companies gives advertisement related to rainy shoes, sandals, umbrella. Raincoats etc and the advertisement reduce when the season starts decaling.


  • Teaser step-up strategy:

In this strategy advertisement starts on low scale when the season begins. As the season picks up, slowly advertising increases & reaches its peak. For example products like a-c, fan, Air cooler etc. advertisement starts with a low scale when the summer season begin as the season picks up slowly advertising increase & reaches its peak.


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