Explain The Brand Positioning Strategies


Brand Positioning


Brand is a specific terms & includes a name, symbol, sign or design given to a product for easy identification.


Brand positioning:

According to Philip kotler, positioning “is the act of designing the company’s offer so that it occupies a distinct & valued place in the target customer’s minds”.


Positioning strategies:

In order to develop or reinforce a particular image for the brand in the minds of the customer, the advertiser can adopt different positioning strategies.

          The following are the different positioning strategies:

  • Positioning by price & quality.
  • Product case strategy.
  • Positioning by user category.
  • Positioning by product class.
  • Positioning by cultural names/ symbols.
  • Positioning by products benefits.
  • Positioning by competitor.


  • Positioning by price & quality:

Good quality product costs a little more the consumer selects the product at different levels of price, offering different quality & decides which price-cum-quality level is most suitable. For example: in construction industry.

  • Product use strategy:

Positioning is communicated by linking the product with its use. Ex.: “paan with a hole”.

  • Positioning by user category:

In this the product is associated with a user or a class of user. Famous personalities or models are use to influence the audience. Ex.: idea with abhishek bachan.

  • Positioning by product class:

Some advertisers use class associations which are seen as substitutes to satisfy some specific consumers need. Ex.: Amul is marketing a box of chocolates as branded Halwa as festival gift.

  • Positioning by cultural names/ symbols:

The product may be advertised by use of cultural symbol in order to differentiate the brands from the competitors. Ex.: ‘Ganga’ soap.

  • Positioning by products benefits:

It can be positioned on the basis of special benefit of the product. Ex.: Maggie noodles positioned its noodles with “two minute positioning” fast to cook good to eat.

  • Positioning by competitor:

Under this strategy the name of the competitors are explicitly named & compared on one or more product features. Ex.: In India, Lakme winter care lotion is positioned against old cream because it is a cold cream plus moisturiser in one.


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