Explain Internet and Ecommerce





The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public academic, business, & government networks of local to global scope that are linked by a broad array of electronic & optical networking technologies. The internet carries a vast array of information resources & services, most notably the inter-linked hyper text documents of the World Wide Web (www) & the infrastructure to support electronic mail.

Uses of internet:

  • To collect information
  • Communication
  • Date transfer



The term electronic commerce (e-commerce) describes a variety of electronic platforms such as the sending of purchase orders to suppliers via electronic data interchange (EDI), the use of fax & e-mail to conduct transaction, the uses of ATMS & EFTOPS and smart cards to facilitate payment & obtain digital cash & THE USE OF INTERNET & online service.

Meaning of Ecommerce:

It means shopping on the internet called the World Wide Web.

  • Components of E-commerce:
  • Multimedia
  • Network


Objective of E-commerce:

  • To build web sites to developed brands.
  • To improve customer service
  • To provide servicing at affordable price.
  • To reduce supply cost, improve quality & fastest delivery of ordered goods.
  • To excise overall control on hardware & software costs.


Classification of E-commerce:

It can be classified as:

  1. Business to business(B2B)
  2. Business to Consumer(B2C)
  3. Consumer to consumers(C2C)
  4. Consumer to Business(C2B)


  • Business to Business(B2B)

This kind of e-commerce relates to a company buying or selling online.


  • Business to Consumer(B2C):

This kind of e-commerce relates to selling goods & service directly to the consumers through Internet connection with rapid rise in computer literacy.


  • Consumer to Consumer(C2C):

This kind of e-commerce relate to individual consumer preparing their own web site & entering into online transactions with other consumers.


  • Consumer to Business(C2B):

It is a kind of e-commerce relates to conduct business by individual consumers online. The most popular approach is auction trading.



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