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We’ve been receiving many requests by students to publish some questions we think are important from the exam preparations perspective.

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  • Buying Process and role of family in it
  • Stages of Life Cycle
  • 5Ms of Advertising
  • Media Planning and its process
  • What is advertising? Types of Advertising? Advantages of each type?
  • What is sales promotion? Tools used in sales promotion? reasons for growth?
  • What is media planning? Process of media planning? Media Scheduling strategies?
  • What is IMC? Features and components
  • AIDA model
  • Brand Equity
  • What is public relations? Tools used in PR
  • How to develop a brand?

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Let’s try to make this a two way exercise. While we gather the question banks, you might have some inputs on this too! Please use the comments box below and post questions that you think are important from your analysis. It would help the tybms community a lot.

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Best of luck guys!

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  1. kavita 4 years ago

    Chapter wise important question bank of special studies in marketing-2015, Sem-5,

  2. kavita 4 years ago

    Chapter wise important question bank of business ethics and corporate social responsibility-2015, Sem-5

  3. Ketan 4 years ago

    ys ago
    Chapter wise important question bank of business ethics and corporate social responsibility-2015, Sem-5

  4. Akhil Suman 4 years ago

    are ssm imp are up?

  5. Akhil Suman 4 years ago

    are ssm imps up?

  6. Fauzan 4 years ago


    8pm!! Please don’t make us wait for the last exam :p

  7. Neha Salvi 4 years ago

    Anyone who gets the QB plzz post it in the comment

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