Media Planning


Meaning of Media Planning:

Media planning is the process of designing a course of action that shows how advertising time and space will be utilized to contribution to the achievement of marketing and advertising objectives.


Process of Media planning:

Media planning is a time consuming &lengthy process which involves the following steps:

  • Deciding about target market for advertising
  • Decision about advertising message
  • Matching media with target group
  • Selection of the media
  • Selection of specific media vehicles
  • Selection of media schedule
  • Allocating funds to each media 7 vehicle


  • Deciding about target market for advertising:

Every media plan start with target audience. For this the data regarding certain areas like  i) age group ii) sex ratio iii) language used iv) cultural & social background & v) religious beliefs needed to be collected.


  • Decision about Advertising message:

This is the second step & in this step the consumer profile & media preference of target consumer group need careful consideration.


  • Matching media with target group:

In the third step in the process is to match the target group (s) profiles with the most suitable media.


  • Selection of the Media:

The factors should be considered while selecting the advertising media:

  1. Media habits of target groups
  2. Nature & feature of a product
  3. Cost of the media
  4. Message
  5. Miscellaneous factors
  6. Legal & ethical consideration
  7. Media life &” flexibility
  • Media vehicles used by competitors
  1. Objectives of the advertising campaign


  • Selection of specific media vehicles:

Once the media for advertising is selected, the media planner is then required to select specific vehicles (s) within a media. Example: if we select the print media, the vehicle carrying advertising message may be “The Times of India” or “Mid-day” or “The Indian Express.”


  • Selection of Media schedule:

Media schedule means the timetable of media insertions.


  • Allocating funds to each media & vehicle:

The allocating is made out of the total advertising budget.



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