Explain The Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet Advertising


Internet Advertising


          It is very commonly said that the new era is the internet era. Everywhere, everyone seems to be availing of the facilities on line i.e. Internet.  Advertisers make the best use of this concentration & make their message available on this screen in different form to catch the attention of the net surfers.

Advantages of advertisement on the internet:-

  1. Advertisement place on the internet are targeted to the particular audience.
  2. The internet advertisement is more interactive than other form of advertisement.
  3. Internet advertisement provides the net surfer with the virtual experience of net only watching audio &listening to the visual effects but also to feel experience the product.
  4. Internet is one media which has an exposure across the national boundaries.
  5. The behaviour of the internet users while watching the advertisement can be measured the number of click through, page hits movement of the eyeballs, etc.

Disadvantages of advertisement on the internet:-

  1. Bandwidth is a major problem in India.
  2. The user has the freedom to choose from thousands of websites. It is quite difficult to motivate him to visit a particular site.
  3. The frequent net users get used to viewing the web-page.
  4. The click through advertisement do not account for the actual page views.
  5. Presently it is being used only as a supplementary media.


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