Explain The Post-Testing Methods of Advertising Effectiveness



Post-testing Methods :

These tests are conducted after running the ad campaign. The basic purpose of post-testing is to provide an insight into the performance of ad campaigns & draw some conclusions from it about the future conducting of advertisements.


The various post-testing methods are:

  1. Inquiry & coupon Response
  2. Readership survey Test
  3. Recall Tests
  4. Attitude Measurement Test Method
  5. Sales Test Method


  • Inquiry & Coupon response:

In the enquiry method the reader is offered something in return for his inquiry letter. This is called inquiry testing.

In the coupons response method, the person sending the coupon has to supply certain information to the advertiser.

  • Readership survey Test:

In this method a group of selected respondents are asked to indentify advertisements they have seen in the publications they read. They are asked to classify the ads as noted, seen, and associated & readmost.

  • Recall Tests:

In this test a group of respondents who have seen the newspaper or magazine where the advertisement had appeared is selected. A few questions are asked on order to verify the respondent & have gone through the advertisement.

  • Attitude Measurement Test Method:

In this test method attempts to find out the effectiveness of an advertisement, in the light of consumers evaluation of the company & its brands of product.  It is presumed hat when attitudes are favorable, the demand for the product is generated & the consumers are likely to buy the product & vice versa.

  • Sales Test Method:

In order to find out the effectiveness of the ad campaign, the increase in sales in both the cities will be collected & studies. The increase in sales of a product will indicate the success of the campaign. In case there is decline in the sales or if the sales do not increase, it indicates that the campaign has failed.


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