The very Important Role Of A Father In A Child’s Life!



We all know how important mother is in our lives and our life would solely suck without her. She makes us possible every way from tip to toe. But what does the other parent do? Parents are the term which involves – mother and father. What role does the father play?

Well he plays a good deal of job in developing the child and is responsible to a major stretch in bringing up the child. Scientifically, a father’s chromosomes help in deciding the sex of the child. Here itself it’s proved how indispensable the father is. Genuinely, bringing a new life to earth is not just a necessary work. You should know are you really capable of bringing a life on earth. Will you really make the life – a human of value? Will you really be able to give the life a sculpture? Will you really do those things that the child will say one day that he has the best father.

Rising up this issue seemed important to me because I have been seeing various dispositions in this role through many people. I have been observing how father play a vital role in the life of a child and to what extent.  Mothers are always perfect and lovely. There’s never a problem in this section.

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A child’s complete happiness is with his parents. No one of us is happy to have bad parents or have conflicts with them. We are turned into a human on the basis of teachings, love and adoreness we get at home. And in this the role of a father is so damn important.

When the father is really caring and want his children to have a good life he will work accordingly. He will teach all values of life and how humans should behave. He will point out at his child’s mistakes. Even if he earns less he will try to give his child all happiness. These children grow really matured and are happy with their life, get resolved to all environment very fast. They are well-behaved, well mannered and of good nature. They respect elders and know the value of money and time. They are frank with their parents and never wish to hurt them.

When the father is the criticizing one – he always finds flaws in his child’s work and never wants to give him praise. He is very austere and rigid, have deadlines for every single thing. He wants his child to follow his path. He controls and restricts his child. This authentically makes the child’s life strenuous. He is always scared of his father and don’t want to see his face. He is always alarmed when he scores badly and never dare to ask for permission. He is very quiet only in front of his father. This makes the child sink inwardly. He is frustrated and lives a very unacceptable life. It’s only some times when he feels good as his father’s stiffness saved him from some situation.

When the father is a millionaire – he barely has time for his kids and meets them usually on weekends. He tries to give his kids most of his attention during it. He spends huge bucks for their pleasure and big demands. But fails to empower the moral values. This eventually makes the kids grow into an arrogant person. They get everything at one scream and hence they don’t value people much and have no value for money and other’s time. For them they are the king only because his/her dad earns a lot. These kids don’t know their self worth and feel their bank balance is the whole nine yards.


While a handful of them turn to be humble. They have been given the proper treatment. They respect others and value themselves rightly.

The drunkard father – he sadly nowhere has value for his kids and don’t even consider them. He is not interested to their life and badly irresponsible. He doesn’t even care that he is responsible for spoiling someone’s life. He expects everything to be done from his wife. The children hates such father and have a bad life. The way they face all the dramas since childhood make them robust and contentful enough to face the world. These children always wish to change their families conditions.

The mixture of good and bad – when the father really loves his kids and want to give them there necessities and joy – he accordingly works. But somewhere his some qualities make him lack and unwillingly doesn’t gives the good impression to his family. He tries all the possible ways to make things good but sadly things doesn’t go right. The children here are really matured and understanding. They know the value of love and their parents. And wish to make all things OK. Gaining sympathy from others is not their work. They are strong, talented, and believe in themselves.


A father is the protective shell for the family. He is the strong stanchion for the family. His acts enormously affect his children and create an impression on them. A father should know his role well and work towards it. He makes a difference in someone’s life so deeply.

So when you will grow up and be a parent one day – be the best one. Then there won’t be small suffering souls in this world.

                           – SANGITA MAITY

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