Why Are Girls Very Special? 6 Reasons That Everyone Needs To Save Girl Child


Save Girl Child

Girl infanticide is a common topic to hear nowadays. In the whole life, one cannot imagine life without ‘Girls’. Everyone’s thinking about girls is not the same. Some people worship girls as goddess durga, but some think of girls as a curse. Nowadays there is no difference between boys and girls, both are equal. Then why does the society give more importance to boys and ‘NO’ importance to girls? Girls are very special and they have the equal right to get respected.

Here are 6 terrific reasons why girl child must be saved!

  1. Girls define the existence of the world

Basically without girls, without women the world couldn’t exist. Women reproduces baby, the most important thing for the world to exist. If women are not there, life on earth will not exist at all. So girls define the existence of the world.

  1. Man as a parent is totally responsible for baby girl or baby boy

In the reproduction process, women releases ‘XX’ egg, and the sperm of a man that is released produces two chromosomes i.e. ‘XY’. The chromosome decides the birth of a baby boy or baby girl. If ‘X’ chromosome is released by women and ‘Y’ chromosome is released by men, then ‘XY’ chromosome together gives rise to a boy child. If ‘X’ chromosome is released by women and ‘X’ chromosome is released by men, then ‘XX’ chromosome together gives rise to a girl child. So on these facts it clearly states that man is totally responsible for the birth of child. By knowing this fact, think for a thousand times to blame women to give birth to a girl child.

  1. Boys and girls both are equal in each and every field

In this 20th century, people are getting open minded on the topic of letting girls study. This support from family and friends lead to equal participation of girls in studies. There is no such thing that a boy can do and a girl cannot. Girls are now further in each and every field i.e. arts, science and commerce.

Save Girl Child

  1. Girls make the ‘house’ feel like a ‘home’

The girls and the women are the ones who make our house feel like a home. Take an example, if we don’t find something at its place we ask our mom for searching that particular thing. If mom is not there, then our sister helps us to find out and sorts out everything. Without mom and sister everything gets messed up at home. This is the reason how girls make the house feel like a home.

  1. Girls are more sincere and sensible

Girls are very sweet and obedient than boys. Everyone knows girls are easy to handle. They are so understanding, sweet and less arrogant compared to boys. It is proved that girls develop maturity faster than boys on the basis of physical as well as mental analysis. If we need to share something, we share it with mother, sister, girlfriend or granny. Why? Because we better know that they are more sensible and can understand better.

  1. Every guy doesn’t want to become a gay

Imagine life of boys without a girl. Oh my god! It will give a heart attack to our dear boys. They will never want to marry a boy. It doesn’t make a sense, right? What if moms won’t be there? What the Momma’s boy will do without their moms? Live all these, think that you would not exist if your mom wouldn’t have been there.


So dear people let us all live the life that God has given to us. Don’t change the way of living for your convenience. Make every girl feel special and treat them as a queen of the world. A father must respect her daughter, a child must respect her mother, a brother must respect her sister and a husband must respect his wife, because they deserve this respect.

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Shreya Rathod


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