The Journey Of A Successful BMS Content Writer Intern – Ms. Sangita Maity


An Interview with Ms. Sangita Maity, BMS student of Somaiya College, contributor of 100 amazing articles on of the year 2014:

Sangita Maity

1)      Tell us about yourself

 About myself …well in one line  – beautifully chaotic 🙂
The elaboration goes here – I am in the first year of my bachelors degree, a reader at heart, adventurer at heart, love writing unusual unique things, a great foodie and travel, music, dance lover. I love to talk, socialize, be with my quality bunch of people and also watch good movies, cook, shop, learn new things!

2)      How and when did you get started writing?

 I started writing from my school days. I only knew I can write readable stuffs when I won an inter school competition. Gradually my reading tastes changed, I started loving the world of words more. I used to write in my diaries but only got a great platform through this internship by

3)      How do you usually find your ideas / writing topics?

 By observations, by the people around me, the things that I feel the world should know, a sought of awareness on my part or any other things that I love myself, things that’s quite high but I do not know – I go for a research. Or any piece that evaluates from my mind. Anything – ideas are many! The world is so big 🙂

4)      What are your favorite books?

 The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Journey by Brandon Bays, Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy, Life of others by Neel Mukherjee.

5)      Favorite films?

 Besides SRK’s films, Persy Jackson (film series), The smurfs (film series), Zindagi na milegi dobara (2011), Hum saath saath hain (1999), English Vinglish (2012), 2 States (2014), Queen (2014), and many more.

6)      Favorite Music?

 Retro, Bollywood, Ghazals.

7)    Give us 3 “Good to know” facts about you.

There are 4 – I love helping people, I love to keep my promises and satisfy relationships, I love to smile to my heart out, I love to be worst to the bad…  HaHa 😛

8)   Who has influenced you the most in your life? And Why?

It would be my grandmother. I have always learned a lot from her, her struggles and experiences. Also it would be some of my teachers and idols whom I try to imitate in life.

9)   What next after the BMS writing internship?

I Firstly have a huge list of books that I want to read, I want to grow as a writer. I don’t know what’s after that as in practical terms. But anything that’s interesting, worthful, fruitful, creative – I would be in it.

10) What tips would you like to give to the upcoming writers / interns of

Be sincere, hard-working, creative and keep on challenging yourself. All the very best ! 🙂

11) Your feedback/suggestions for is already doing a great job by connecting all the BMS students with superb study materials and other readers with it’s beautiful articles. I wish them a very best of luck for the further coming many many years 🙂

 Below is the list of 100 Interesting Articles of Content Writer Intern ‘Sangita Maity’ 

  1. Simple Yet Sassy – 15 Evergreen Fashion Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion!
  2. 5 Totally yummy Dosa Recipes You Must Try!
  3. Crazy Reasons Why Being A Woman Is a Matter Of Pride!
  4.  Do You Also Have That One Friend Now Turned Into A Stranger?
  5. Heal Yourself – The Right Way!
  6. Love, Dating and All The Dramebazi In Our Lives!
  7. An Experience Worth Sharing: My Meet With Dr. Kalam!
  8. Revealed Reasons Behind … BUNKING!
  9. How You Should Deal With Academic Stress…
  10. How Should You Manage Time For STUDIES!
  11. How Should You Deal With STAGE FEAR!
  12. The Twisted Tale Of Academics and Relationships..
  13. The very Important Role Of A Father In A Child’s Life!
  14. Who Are You ??? DISCOVER YOURSELF!
  15. Engaging Into Social Work!
  16. 7 Amazing Foods Youngsters Can’t Stay Away From
  17. Do You Also Have A Jealous Friend ???
  18. How Travel Shapes You!
  19. I Will Make My Dreams…Come True!
  20. ‘Youngsters Squeezed Sandwich’ – By Family Pressure!!!
  21. Do You Feel Dead???
  22. My Take On The Incredible Local Trains!!!
  23. The Priceless Ship – Relationship
  24. Fake Facebook Life Exposed
  25. How To Beat Boredom Of Exams During Weekends
  26. Natural Ways To Nourish Your Skin
  27. How To Perform Well In A Group Interview
  28. All you want to know about the Grand Durga Pooja Festival!!!
  29. Real Men!!!
  30. 15 Amazing Things Only Blunt People Understand
  31. For WHOM Does A GIRL DRESS For??? Revealing All Truths…
  32. Aren’t Indian Women Ruling Bollywood These Days?
  33. Secrets Of A Perfect Relationship!!!
  34. 10 Amazing Ways To Be Happy Always!!!!!
  35. Amazing Quick Breakfast Recipes For Food Lovers (Part 1)
  36. The Unreal Mask – WE ALL WEAR!!!
  37. How Movies Make Us Believe In Love!!!
  38. 5 Awesomely Yummy Diwali Special Snacks And Sweets You Must Surely Try!
  39. ALL about Breast Cancer: You SHOULD Know
  40. Everything You Need To Know About Window 10
  41. Can One Love Be Expressed In Many Different Ways?
  42. Amazing Quick Breakfast Recipes For Food Lovers (Part 2)
  43. ONE DAY In The Life Of A BMS Student!
  44. Bollywood Movies You Will Watch Again And Again! (Part 1)
  45. What Can We Do For Women’s …Equality? Education? Safety? Freedom?
  46. Public vs Critics, Who Gets It Right?
  47. Awesome Globe Recipes That You Can Give A Try
  48. The Undiscovered London
  49. THE COMPLETE HEALTH GUIDE: Diet To Cleanse Your Body
  50. The Revealing Agent of Relationships
  51. Are You Lazy Or Are You Busy?
  52. 12 BEAUTIFUL Styles of Draping a Dupatta You Never Knew About
  53. Amazing Beautiful Places To Visit In Germany
  54. The Most Delicious Spicy Recipes of India
  55. The Superb Yummy Cupcakes Recipes You Should Definitely Try
  56. The Unknown REAL Sense of Adventure
  57. Have You Ever Been Scared Of Your Dreams?
  58. 12 Amazing Things You Definitely Must Do During Vacations
  59. 7 GREAT Ways To IMPRESS Your Mom
  60. OMG! My Dad & Mom Joined Facebook! Should I Add Them Or Not?
  61. Easy Healthy International Recipes You MUST Give A Try!
  62. 15 Things Only FOOD LOVERS Will Relate To
  63. One day in Hong Kong : 24 Hours of Life In The City
  64. Best Places Around The World To Relax, Retreat And Spa
  65. STYLE AND FASHION: What’s Your Style?
  66. Party Punch Drinks and Desserts For A Perfect Special Celebration
  67. Burgers Everywhere: THE BEST BURGERS RECIPES
  68. The Super Yummy Burgers Recipes You Should Give A Try
  69. What is Asthma? Everything That You Need To Know About Asthma
  70. Yummy Food Ideas & Recipes For Christmas Parties
  71. WARNING: You Too Might Be Over – Weighted
  72. Why You Should Be Happy From Your Own Things?
  73. 30 Years of Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  74. Elderly People: Who Will Share Their Responsibility?
  75. Are You Smitten By The Virus “Log Kya Kahenge…?”
  76. “My Dress, My Choice” – The Gauhar Khan Issue
  77. Fabulous Fresh Fruit Recipes You Should Definitely Try To Make (Part 2)
  78. Fabulous Fresh Fruit Recipes You Should Definitely Try To Make
  79. 4 Simple & Elegant Recipes for Christmas Feast (Part 2)
  80. 4 Simple & Elegant Recipes for Christmas Feast
  81. Are We Losing Our Values? : Spirituality
  82. The Most Amazing Tips To Make The Perfect Cookies
  83. Cookies Everywhere: The Superb Jar Cookies Recipes
  84. My Writing Internship Journey At By Sangita Maity
  85. The Best Birthday Cake Recipes You Can Give A Try (Part I)
  86. The Best Red Velvet Cake Recipes You Can Make
  87. The Best Carrot Cake Recipes You Can Make On Your Own
  88. Yummy Delicious Strawberry Cake Recipes That You Can Make
  89. How To Make The Perfectly Amazing & Delightful Birthday Cake
  90. How To Study Effectively For Academic Success?
  91. How To Write Awesome Great Articles For The Web?
  92. The Best Birthday Cake Recipes You Can Give A Try (Part II)
  93. Amazing Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes You Can Try
  94. Cakes Everywhere: The Best Brunch Cakes
  95. The Best Cake Recipes You Can Make Easily (Part 1)
  96. The Best Cake Recipes You Can Make Easily (Part 2)
  97. Cookies Everywhere: Party Time Cookies Recipes (Part 1)
  98. Cookies Everywhere: Party Time Cookies Recipes (Part 2)
  99. Cookies Everywhere: Top Rated Holiday Cookies
  100. Cookies Everywhere: The Unique Cookies

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