Human Resource Management Practice Question Paper 2



Dear TYBMSites, gives an opportunity for BMS students to prepare for Semester 5 examinations. Try our free model question paper on Human Resource Management subject today and achieve success in your main exams.


Duration – 2.5 hours

Answer any 10 questions

Each question carries 7.5 marks

Here we present Human Resource Management Practice Question Paper 2:

  1. Define Personnel Management. Explain the functions of Personnel Management and explain the role of Personnel management.
  2. Distinguish between on the job and off the job training. What steps should an organization take to make training more effective?
  3. As an HR manager of JET Airways, describe the method you would use to recruit a Vice President for the firm.
  4. Explain how an organization can help an individual employee manage his or her career.
  5. What is multi-skilling?
  6. Explain the advantages of 360 degree appraisal.
  7. What is Job evaluation?

Write short notes on:

  1. Wage and salaries
  2. Job description
  3. Training vs development
  4. Fringe Benefits
  5. HRD and HRM

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