Sample Prelim paper for Risk Management TYBMS Sem 6- April 2017

Prelim- Risk Mangement Q1. Solve any 2 (15 marks) Explain the risk management process Explain the diversification and investment process for risk avoidance Based on the following information, calculated the weighted beta and using the CAPM model advise on the strategy per company Company No if shares Beta MPS...

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Sample prelim paper for Corporate Communication and Public Relations TYBMS Sem 6- April 2017

CCPR Answer all questions. Each question carries 15 marks. Attempt any 2sub questions from Q 1-4. Q 1. A. What is the relevance of corporate communication in the contemporary scenario? Q 1. B. What is corporate reputation and how to build a good corporate reputation? Q 1 c elaborate...

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International Finance Subject Question Bank for TYBMS SEM 6 April Exam Paper 2017

International Finance Unit 1 What is the scope and importance of international finance Elaborate the challenges of international finance What are the components of BOP Accommodating vs autonomous transactions. Devaluation vs depreciation Gold standard vs bretton woods system Fixed vs flexible exchange system Elaborate the European Monetary system What...

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Introduction to Operations Research Subject for TYBMS SEM 6 Students 2017

I’m Prof Nitin Kulkarni and this video is an introduction to the operations research subject for TYBMS SEM 6 students 2017. Be sure to share this video with your batchmates and feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below Introduction to Operations Research Subject for TYBMS SEM...

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Most important questions Entrepreneurship 2016- prof vipin saboo

Some very important entrepreneurship questions not to be missed 1. Innovation theory 2. Entrepreneur vs intrapreneur 3. Problems faced by women entrepreneur 4. Modes of raising finance 5. Business feasibility report 6. Idea generation 7. Anncilirazation 8. Industrial sickness 9. Institutional support provided by the government to entrepreneur 10....

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