Abhijit Shetty


Name – Abhijit S. Shetty.

Graduated BMS in the year – 2009-2010

College – A .V. college, Vasai (west )

Currently working
– Web Content Writer on BMS.co.in

Tell us something about yourself

My name is Abhijit Shetty. I am 20 yrs old and I have completed my BMS from A.V. college from Vasai. I scored 69.83 in my final exam i.e. 6th semester. I am a hardworking guy who when takes a job is restless till that job is complete. I give my 100% to whatever I do and concentrate on the task given to me completely. A good listener and takes some time to get adjusted to the surrounding but am completely friendly. A die hard fan of football and support Manchester united and play for a 2nd division club as well professionally.

Tell us something about your BMS college

In our college in our batch the teachers were not upto the mark, they appointed all new teachers during our T.Y. and these teachers had no idea about the subject but used to come and just read the text book, they were so hesitant to give us the internal marks too, and our coordinator at that time was not at all supportive according to me. So our college was good till the first 2 yrs of my BMS years then in the third year according to me they lost it.

When did you join BMS? Which year you graduated BMS?

I joined BMS in the year 2007-2008 and graduated in the year 2009-2010.

How did you start your career? What was the first step after completing BMS?

After my 12th I was not sure that as what to do, so then I went to my friend who is a teacher and he counseled me and advised me to join BMS and then go for an MBA as it was the talk of the town, so I took his advice and came into the field without having any knowledge of the commerce as I was from a science background but as days went by I started liking it.

My first step after I completed BMS was to go for a job, so I got a job and I took admission in classes for clearing entrance exams for MBA. Then life was moving accordingly.

What are you doing currently?

Currently I am working as a content writer in BMS.co.in.

Share with us some of your favorite college memories – Sad, pleasant or anything?

My favorite memories in college has always been playing with friends as I was in the college team for football half the time we used to keep practicing and the rest of the time we friends used to play cricket along with boys from BBI n there was like full on rivalry between us and the best part we never used to lose. Then after all this hanging out with friends in the campus was all that I enjoyed the most.

What has BMS life taught you?

BMS life has taught me how to be confident when we are addressing a crowd, to be patient, to work hard to get what you want and that friends are a very important part of our life.

How is life after BMS? What changes do you see in yourself?

Life after BMS is a decision maker. You have to take the best decision for yourself and know exactly where you are standing at that point of time so that it doesn’t has a bad effect on your future. BMS has taught me to be fearless in front of anyone; it has taught me how to speak in a professional way and removed all the stage fright that was in abundance in me. I have become more confident in myself and I don’t panic when in a troublesome situation. Overall it has helped me evolve from an introvert to an extrovert person.

Who in your life has influenced you the most?

My parents and my friends have influenced me the most in my life. It is because of their support and their belief in me that I have been able to get through all the problems that I have faced in my life.

Has BMS course really helped you in the corporate world or in MBA?

Yes BMS has definitely helped me in the corporate world because it has given me a brief picture of what the corporate world is even before I entered it, it made me feel confident. Whenever I used to go for an interview I was never afraid to speak in front of the interviewer as I was confident in my approach and all this due to BMS.

As BMS alumni, what changes would you like to bring in management education?

I would want the management education to be more creative and use a lot of visual aids for teaching rather than the theoretical way. More presentations, videos and other visual aids.

What is the ideal career option after BMS? Why?

According to me the right career option would be to go for an MBA as it would sharpen what you have learnt and prepare you for the corporate world the right way.

Do you think internship/work experience is a must before pursuing MBA?

Yes it would help when you do an MBA as it would help you understand the concepts of the organization more easily.

What message would you like to give to the current BMS batches?

Nothing much, just concentrate on your studies and don’t take too much stress keep hanging out with friends, enjoy life side by side as you study.

How is BMS.co.in? What help should it provide in future?

BMS.co.in is an amazing site. It is very helpful and you would get all the information you require from here and it is already providing so much help to the students so I just want them to keep up the good work.

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