‘Give your best and leave the rest. Success will be yours’ says Sahil Dhabalia


BMS Team had a chat with Sahil Dhabalia who completed his BMS from KES Shroff College of Arts and Commerce. Sahil had topped consecutively in all 6 semesters of BMS and he was also the Class Representative for all 3 consecutive years. And currently he is pursuing his MBA from N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies. He was Secretary of BMS + 1-A STEP AHEAD Club which organizes various management and fun activities. He was also the Secretary of BMS festival ‘INFERNO’. He was the H.O.D. of various intra-collegiate festivals like CHAKRAVYUHA, OASIS, SAPPHIRE etc. He was also the President of St. Xaviers School. In short, he is the rare combination of academics and leadership qualities.


1) What would you wish to change in Indian education system?

I feel that today’s education has become more of theoretical which at times is a big constraint for many of the students, especially those who come from vernacular background. So I would like to see more of vocational or practical education methodology which not only imparts knowledge but also helps building the inner talent of every student. I would also like to add that today’s education system is just not upto the level that can reach today’s cut-throat competition. So if I talk about the syllabus, there is a requirement of modification of the portion or the syllabus that will help the upcoming students to excel in every field they chose to go.


2) What is the mantra for a successful life?

Well, there is no specific success mantra. I strongly believe that success is only achieved when you are truly passionate about achieving it and when you give your 100% to it no matter what. “Success is not before failure, but beyond failure”. So there is nothing wrong when you come across failure because everyday brings new and different challenges for you. So sometimes it is not possible to achieve and I feel there is no big deal in it. Life goes on and so must be your efforts. By putting efforts to overcome failure is itself a big challenge. So you don’t need to worry or get upset or give up. Instead you should stand up, take it as a challenge, give your best and leave the rest. Success is surely going to be yours.


3) What do you expect from youth?

I believe in simple living and high thinking. I feel youth should follow their dreams. It will surely lead to reach your desired goals. So today’s technology-freak generation doesn’t require any tips or guidelines because they got their talents from birth. It is just that they have to recognize it within them when there is right time to take a step outside. They just have to give their talents a kick-start. I would surely expect that the upcoming generation doesn’t only excel themselves in becoming successful, making good money but also lead our nation towards development as well.


4) Should we follow our passion / follow what others think?

We should definitely follow our passion because one will find many advisors but only the person himself knows what he is passionate about and what makes him happy. Earning is not just the only desire of any individual. He also should be happy with his life because after earning even crores of income may be say annually or monthly and if you aren’t happy or satisfied then I feel it’s a waste. 3 Idiots is one of the best example that can motivate every individual to follow your passion and then see how your life takes positive twists and turns.



Lastly, I would like to say Always give your 100%, study smart and not hard. Try putting efforts where you find yourself weak and make it as your strength and then see the difference. Study for knowledge and not for marks. The outcome will itself show you its consequences. Wishing all of you a very good luck for future and all the very best. Thankyou 🙂

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