What Is The Promotion Strategy Of A Company To Enter Foreign Market?


Foreign Market



Companies can run the same advertising and promotion campaigns used in the home market or change then for local markets. The main contents of a promotion or advt. campaign that can change are:-


  1. Message:- One message can be used everywhere varying only in language, name and colors. Colors might be change to avoid taboos.


Even names and headlines need to be modified, second may be use same theme globally but adapt a copy to suit local market.

Thirdly a global pool of aids from which each market selects the most appropriate one.


Finally some companies allow their country managers to invest in creating country specific ads.


  1. The use of media also requires international adaptation because media availability varies from country to country. Norway & Sweden do not permit TV advt. to use women in the ads. India taxes Advt. Belgium/ France do not allow cigarettes/ Alcohols ads. Newspaper have national reach in UK but advertiser can buy only local newspaper coverage in Spain.



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