International Marketing Question Bank for TYBMS SEM 6 Paper 2016


Question Bank on International Marketing

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Dear Students,

As you may be aware that the paper would be now a 75 marks one with 2.5 hr duration. There would be 5 units each of 15 marks each. The last question would be a case study. Question 1 to 4 would be from unit 1 to 4 respectively.  No concepts would be asked.


Please find the attached list of all possible questions. A set of some important questions from board perspective would be passed on around April mid.


Students are requested to go through the entire syllabus. However the tentative questions from every unit are as follows:-

Unit 1:-

Chapter 1

  1. What is international marketing and why is it required
  2. What are the problems in International marketing
  3. What are the challenges in international marketing
  4. Explain the comparative cost and absolute cost advantage theory of international marketing
  5. Differentiate between international marketing and domestic marketing



Chapter 2

  1. What are factors affecting international trade environment
  2. What are trade barriers and what are the advantages of the same
  3. Explain tariff and non tariff barriers
  4. What are the advantage of tariff barriers
  5. What are trading blocks and explain the types
  6. What are the impacts of trading blocks in international trade
  7. Explain the functions of WTO
  8. What are the features of MNC
  9. Explain the merit and demerits of MNCs
  10. What are advantages of FDI


Unit 2:-

Chapter 3

  1. What are the functions of packaging
  2. What are the requisits of packaging in international business
  3. Explain International PLC
  4. Explain the factors influencing package design
  5. Explain the role of Indian Institute of packaging


Chapter 4

  1. Explain the various distribution channels available in the international market
  2. Explain the factors affecting channel selection
  3. Explain various foreign intermediaries involved in international distribution

Unit 3:-

Chapter 5

  1. Explain the factors influencing export pricing
  2. Explain some export costing methods
  3. Explain the price and non price factors affecting export pricing
  4. Explain skimming and penetration strategies
  5. Differentiate FOB vs CIF
  6. Explain some INCO terms


Unit 4:-

Chapter 6

  1. What are the various export incentives available to Indian exporters
  2. Explain Duty Drawbacks, Blanket approval, IRMAC


Chapter 7

  1. Explain methods of market entry
  2. Direct exporting vs indirect export
  3. How to select export market
  4. Explain the market selection process
  5. Explain steps in market segmentation
  6. Explain the basis of international market segmentation

Suggested book:- Vipul Publication, Kale Ahmed

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