Interview with Megha Choudhary, FYBMS Topper 2014, Jai Hind College


Name – Megha Choudhary

College Name – Jai Hind College

Course Name – BMS

Which year – FY

Rank in FY / SY : 2nd

GPA / Percentage: 7 GPA


  • Tell us about yourself, your background, why did you join BMS and what do you plan to do after BMS?

I completed my schooling from Varanasi which is my hometown. I opted for commerce in class 11th. After my 12th I wanted  to  pursue my  further  studies  from  Mumbai  in order to get more exposure  and  because  Varanasi  does not have much to offer.  I opted  for  BMS because it is a professional  course which has more practical aspects and  because it suits my future plan to do MBA. After BMS, I would like to take up a job for a year or two and then go for an MBA degree.

  • How does it feel to be a Topper of the college in Semester exams?

It feels amazing to know the fact that I am giving justice to my opinion of coming to Mumbai and proving my potential in front of the people.

  • Whom will you credit your success to?

I will credit my success to my parents who always supported me in my decisions and all my teachers who helped me solve all the problems that I faced during the classes.

  • Did you start preparing from the first day of your FY / SY?

Frankly speaking, I did not start preparing from day one.  However,  I always completed my projects on time and put in all the efforts I could to make my next presentation better  than the previous one which fetched me marks and also prepared me for the main exams.

  • How did you study for Sem I / Sem III? (Share some tips / advice for each subject)

Going home and reading what was taught in class on the same day is the best way to grasp what was taught in class without putting in extra efforts. This is what I would suggest everyone to do.

  • Which are the easy subjects in Sem I / Sem III?

Easy subject in Sem 1 is Foundation of Human Skills as it teaches all the qualities that we need to possess in life and which we have been taught since our childhood. So we just need to know the new terms that we come across. Good writing skills help score better in this subject.

  • Any special way of writing the answers? Do you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs?

For subjects like IT and Principles of Management, it is better to write the answers in points. Subjective and descriptive answers have to be written for Foundation of Human Skills.

  • How do you crack case studies in theory and practical subjects?

We must first collect the facts in a case study and then analyse the case on the basis of the questions asked.

  • Did you draw any diagram in any paper? Is it mandatory? Does it help to get more marks?

Drawing diagrams in principles of management helps fetch more marks.

  • Any specific study pattern adopted i.e. timetable / how many hours per subject per day etc.?

Focusing more on the weaker subjects and giving sufficient time to the remaining subjects helps maintain a balance between all.

  • How do you fight against mood swings and distractions during exam preparation?

Taking a coffee or TV break within long hours of study and dividing the time between different topics instead of studying one topic for a long period helps us grasp more.

  • If you are made the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, what changes would you like to initiate in Indian education system?

I would like to make IT syllabus more practical involving Photoshop, tally, etc.  which we use in our daily life instead of HTML only a little knowledge of which helps us in no way.


  • Many students prepare sincerely but constantly live under fear that they are not from big college / not from English medium and eventually lose confidence. What message would you like to these students?

I would like to tell them that the name of the college doesn’t matter. What matters is the amount of knowledge and experience a person has.

Thanks on behalf of the readers, we wish you the best for all your future endeavors.

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Vanita Godwani
Hello, Vanita Godwani, a fybms student of Jaihind College, hobbies are drawing and helping needy people.I loved being a social media correspondent at .I am interested in pursuing by post graduation and later work in a multinational company being a honest and good high post official


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