Dawoodi Bohras: A Sobriquet of Peace


Dawoodi Bohras

India is a secular country where many cultures and traditions are practiced every day. In this varied and vast nation we have the Dawoodi Bohras who have given the title ‘beacon of peace’ on many occasions and by many personalities especially by our very own Prime Minister Sir. Narendra Modi not only once but consistently. Though I must say the ‘Dawoodi Bohras’ are not based in India but their legacy has come down from Yemen, Saudi Arabia. So let me start from its origin.

  1. History:

   Dawoodi Bohras are different from Sunni or Shia Muslim in terms of everything. As Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammed, everyone believed that there is only one God who is Allah and Muhammed is His Prophet or Messenger, everything was united till there, and the trouble came down during the later years of the Prophet where a successor had to be appointed. After their Muslims parted ways, where Dawoodi Bohras chose the righteous predecessor and the husband of the Prophet’s daughter Maulana Ali, whose son Imam Hussain’s martyrdom alongwith his family and his allies and their sacrifices is given a tribute every year until this day by the Bohras.

  Down the hereditary, Imam Hussain’s sons continued the legacy until the 21st Imam who went in Parda (dormant). The 21st Imam passed on the hierarchy to Daut-al-Mutlaqin. So from there, daut-al-mutlaqin(s) are the guide and father of Dawoodi Bohras.

Which now is continued by the 53rd Dai-al-mutlaq Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin.


  1. Language:

    Initially, the ancestors of Dawoodi Bohras spoke Arabic and is still spoken by a certain population around the globe. But most of the population now has adapted ‘Dawaat ni Zaban’ which is similar to Gujarati and when heard from the Bohras, sounds sweeter.


  1. The Attire:

    The ‘Libas’ they say it with pride are the clothes which Bohras wear not only in mosques but everywhere. Men have a white embroidered Kurta with a Izar(trousers) and a Topi (covering for the head) whereas the women flaunt their looks with a beautiful matching Rida viz., a covering of the whole body with two separate clothing (Pardi & Ghagra).

  This tradition was not into compulsion until the 52nd Dai Syendna Mohammed Burhannudin for they were the one who made the Bohra community flourished and more disciplined. And I cannot fail but notice that the colorful ridas and the uniformity in the attire has made the Bohra community stand apart from every other caste and religion


  1. Festivals

     It is said that the sweet-loving Dawoodi Bohras has made a mark in their functions and celebrations. I can assure that they are probably a subject of envy for many other caste. Because of the amount of enthusiasm and the love they show towards each other.

Other things apart, the lavish food and the decorations are the things I must say every person should experience.


  1. About the spiritual father:

    The rightful predecessor and their father Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin is known as a true inspiration not only for the Bohras but also to many other people who have taken blessings of their father Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhannuddin(RUS) in whose demise was considered to be one of the biggest demises in the India. And were honored by the Mumbai Police and the Indian Flag.

Syedna Muffaddal Saifuddin teaches the Bohras in such a way that even the hardest heart people are meant to melt at His holiness sermon. They say He is not our leader, he is our spiritual father, He is our guide which will lead to eternity and reach our catharsis.


They are a part of several campaigns which has given importance to social causes like family planning, keeping the city clean, giving home to endangered animals. According to me, Bohras are a family. A family of togetherness, love, understanding, and peace.



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