Gracing Rakshabandhan With A Difference


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Being blatantly treated as objects of sexual indulgences and recreation, embracing agony and the bouts of sleepless nights and painful nocturnal odsseys not necessarily cause they choose that life but because fate leaves them without anything else to turn to. They adorn the red light area. Nights are at their darkest for them.No comforts or reliefs but just distress.

People hardly try to befriend them. They garner more stigma then sympathy.One or the other individual or instituition has to change this.The team of the Rotractors of Churchgate became the ones to implement this becoming young pioneers embracing a beautiful concept of befriending them. The team went to the Kamathipura red light with souvenirs for the ladies.They gifted them laughing Buddha idols while the women tied rakhi on the wrists of the boys from the RC team preceding the puja held.

“We are humbled and indeed so touched after being addressed as sisters.It is one of the most we are going to cherish,”said one of the women. Police constables also supported this event and stood with the Rotractors for security.

We can say we are indeed progressing when we see young, ignited minds taking such thought-provoking initiatives. Kudos to RC Churchgate!This time it was indeed Khushiyon ki rakhi even at the red-light where women are objectified and this is like bringing light to the place of the darkest nights!

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