Meditation and a search deep within



Meditation is an activity of mind to reach inner peace and calm your senses. Meditation comes from the ancient yoga; it is also there in Buddhism and Jainism. It is an old concept which is the most effective in the modern world. In this modern world, stress is a common disease that is affecting almost everyone. There could be stress because of Job, Studies, Relationships, it is important to get rid of stress to be healthy physically and mentally. Meditation is a great way to relieve stress. Meditation makes one physically energized, fresh and mentally it reduces stress, depression and brings in happiness. These might be some important things that meditation does but there is more to meditation.

As per many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism we have to find the inner peace, the inner knowledge that can lead us to enlightenment. This is a very deep concept. In ancient times ‘rishis’ used to meditate for years and years in the thirst of knowledge and a way to meet the God. There is a soul inside every living animal, plant and human being. This soul is capable of achieving the ultimatum, which is called as salvation or enlightenment; in short every soul is capable of being a God. Meditation is a way ‘rishis’ used to concentrate inside the body, inside the soul. If one gets the inner spiritual bliss he will never have any trouble in life as he has reached a level where it is only knowledge and happiness around.

Meditation is an important aspect and a person should do yoga, meditate for energizing physically, mentally, emotionally to live the life happily.

–         Jainam Jhaveri


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