5 Amazingly Effective Ways to Regain Peace of Mind!


Mental Peace is the most crucial and delicate factor for the proper functioning of our body. Nothing is effective if our mental peace is destroyed and nothing can destroy us if our mental peace is effective. Every bodily coordination depends on our brain and everything therefore, zeroes down to having a calm and relaxed mind.

But how can we keep a relaxed mindset in a polluted, unfiltered and hectic world filled with tension, pressure and stress? Here are some effective ways to keep your cool and have some peace of mind while in distress.

1. Take a long steam shower or bubble bath:



The quickest and immediate way to release some stress would be to turn your heater on and take a long bubble bath in the bathtub or a steaming hot shower. It is very effective in soothing your muscles and making you feel as if you are gliding or floating on water which makes your mind free of all thoughts. You could also go one step ahead and put some room freshener or other natural fragrances in your bathroom or bathtub for a more relaxed and calm ambiance.

Listening to slow music:



Listening to soothing sounds or music like the sound of waves, flute, piano and other music instrumentals, harmonies and various natural and soft music helps your mind to gradually get accustomed to that mood and hence finds its peace in those tunes.

Early morning walks:



Many people are habituated to regular walking in parks but at different times. I strongly suggest the early morning walks just before sunrise because that is the best time to enjoy the best of what nature provides you. It is very quiet at that time with birds chirping and a cool breeze blowing.

Yes, it seems like a very dull idea for the lazy or the nocturnal beings, however, experiencing this once and making it a habit will bring you closer to nature and in turn make you calmer.

Explore your creativity:

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Indulging in your hobbies which make you think from a different angle provides your mind with some change and helps it go to other, productive tasks that make you content and involved actively.

Stay in good company:



Sharing and talking with positive and happy people makes you feel happy and optimistic and you do not think about your problems for some time. Yes, it does not solve your problems, but it helps to combat them for a while so that you have time to think level headed and act with maturity, which again helps in releasing your stress.

Stress and hypertension are a common factor that hampers mental peace in a great way and we should take all possible measures to save ourselves from such misery.

– Anwesha Rath

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