Why Is It Important To Have Your Own Fashion, Trend & Style?




Fashion is a style which is distinctive and often habitual way a person dresses himself or herself. Everyone has his/her style which they follow. It may be simple or it may be more fashionable. It totally depends upon a person. It is important to have your own style because it defines you and also make you more confident about yourself.

Always remember one thing wear clothes in which you are comfortable and look good in. People try to wear clothes in trend not seeing whether it will suit them or not. This is the biggest mistake a person can do when it come to fashion. 

If you are a fat person do not try to wear tight clothes because they are in fashion. They will absolutely not suit you. So try to wear something which fits you perfectly. 

If you have absolutely no idea about fashion or style then here is what you can do :

  • Access your wardrobe and see the clothes you have. Look out for colors as well. Organize them into categories like jeans, dress, skirt, shirt or T-shirt. After doing this you will understand what you have and what you need to have.
  • List down the clothes and items that you need. Now the question is how will you know what you need !? Here is what you need to do, buy a magazine and see the trends which are going on. Try to buy basics first and then something fashionable. In the magazine you will find variety to choose. You can also read fashion blogs to stay updated about fashion.
  • Shop the list you have prepared, do not buy unnecessary things which you will not use or wear.
  • Your style can go towards more comfy style or chic style or elegant style or maybe a mix of all. This you will know once you shop, when you shop you gravitate toward the style or clothes you like the most. 

I personally have style which is mix of all the styles together. I don’t like to stick to one style particularly. I like to change it often. 

Some of my friends stick to comfy style and some to a chic style. It is totally a personal decision to make. 

Try to have a style which suits you and it will look beautiful on you in anyways. 

Having your own style will give you confidence and will enhance your personality as well. 

You don’t have to copy anyone to have your own style, as taste and preferences are different, ones fashion and style will be different . That does not mean you are not stylish. Be creative enough to create a style that defines you.

Sometimes change is for better and if your own style brings some change in your life then there is nothing like it.


So guys Be stylish and Be confident !!! 






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Saniya Rane

I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.


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