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The world of Computers is huge and mesmerizing and if we end up looking at the infinite possibilities of the functions and actions that the computer can perform we come to realize that it truly is a marvel that a gadget like this was invented and how it makes life so much more simple and easy!

In your last semester you studied the basics of using a computer and what is the device all about, this semester we upgrade a bit and reach the level where we actually explore this subject and get to know what different features and functions the computer has.

Last semester most of us were laughing at the simplicity and basic nature of chapters we had in Introduction to computers and if you are expecting the same with this subject then you will be in for a shock, this semester CAB is going to make you work just as hard as any other theory subject that you will come across in BMS.

Before we get into that let’s have a look at why is there a subject like Computer application in business and why has it been designed for business students? The advantage with a computer is that it has something in it for everyone and so for business professionals there are so many things that the computer can be customized and programmed to do with the help of the inbuilt software’s programmes and many downloadable programmes as well.

Business professionals can do with a lot of help in running their organization or department with the help of a computer. Keeping track of information on materials, their prices and comparing their details, placing orders online and communicating with their dealers and checking up on orders all of this and making payment online for the materials all can be done using the computer.

You can keep a record of the number of employees working for you, their details, work hours, salary details and any other things you want to store about them for accessing at a later time. You can calculate and determine the exact amounts that are to be received from your creditors at any given point of time and use programmes like tally for keeping financial records.

You can learn the shortcuts in excel and make record keeping and calculations easier then and there. Creating a simple website for your business using HTML on your own without spending money over expensive web designers or adding an e-commerce feature and retailing online, everything is possible if you have the knowledge of computers.

You can explore so many features of your business using MIS or management information systems that makes storing and maintaining information very simple and is a huge help. There are so many functions that the computer has in itself for making life of a business person or an organization easy, you just need to explore it.

Why do I need to Study this Subject?

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We need to be in touch with the latest technology and times and this rule applies most importantly to business people. In order to be able to conduct business flawlessly and with the latest technological advancement it is important to have the necessary knowledge that we can attain buy studying this subject. We all as students of BMS aim to become professionals or leaders and managers in the future and to be competent and successful at that we do need to have the knowledge of latest technology for our business which is why studying this subject is of utmost importance.

Is it Difficult?

No, it is not at all difficult to study this subject. Since you already know the basics owing to your subject introduction to computers in the past Sem, this Sem its all about learning the next level of everything that you had learnt at that time.

Is it Boring?

No, it’s not boring as it has a lot of practical fun lectures to cover up for the boredom that comes up in the theory classes.

Do I need to join a Coaching Class for this subject?

No, you do not need to join any coaching class for this subject, it is quite easy to learn and understand this subject. You need to attend your lectures regularly and more importantly the practical lectures as they will ensure you really learn your subject properly.

What is the Syllabus for this subject?


The syllabus of this subject is divided into 4 semesters as follows:

Unit I : Advanced Spreadsheets.

Unit  II :  Web Designing Using HTML

Unit III : E-Commerce

Unit IV : MIS

You can get the detailed syllabus and list of reference books HERE!

How do I Study this Subject?


CAB needs an hour a day devoted to it for a month before the exams. The units in order of difficulty are as follows: 1-4-2-3 so when you start your studies make sure you start and end with an easy unit. You can make your order of importance as 3-4-1-2 and start your studies accordingly.

You need to follow a routine that can be as follows:

  1. Read the chapter
  2. Make notes
  3. Learn the answers
  4. Revise

Do make sure that you attend your practical lectures without fail; the practical application of theory makes it much easier to remember the steps and stages that you will need to write in your answers.

If you are low on time you can focus on doing the important answers that have been given in college. You can follow it up by doing units 2 and 3 completely as they are very easy and so whatever questions come from there you can answer them easily and score good marks.

8 basic computer Programmes that you must know as a student of BMS:

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  1. Microsoft Word:

Ok, this is common sense but using Ms Word must be on the back of your hand, assignments, projects and study material everything needs the usage of Ms. Word. Not just the basic functions of typing and editing but being well versed with the various lay outing options will keep you ahead of the rest in terms of project quality and saves up on a lot of efforts too!

  1. Microsoft Power Point:

Making a lot of presentations is the crux of the BMS course and you can’t miss it by any chance, having sound knowledge of all the features of power point hence is essential. Make sure that you don’t get too carried away and end up using a lot of the features so hat your presentation starts looking childish.

  1. E-mail:

Having your own mail id is a super must and if you still haven’t created one, then you may as well do it asap! Certain e-mail platforms like Gmail give options like Google drive to help you store and access a lot of data and other multi-media files so you must be well versed with that too!

  1. Time savers and time managers:

Basic applications like the calculator, calendar and scheduling and reminder options of the calendar are quite essential. Learn them right now because later on you will need to manage time and save a lot of it too.

  1. Microsoft Excel:

Excel is the ‘baap’ of data storage and when you have a lot of records to keep it’s going to be your best friend. Plus there are so many internal features that will make life simpler for you while dealing with cartloads of data at one point of time.

  1. Microsoft Picture Manager:

This or any other photo editing software is quite essential, may sound a bit irrelevant but when you have to make projects and presentations you will need to do a lot of cropping, resizing and adjusting the images you use and this is where these editors will come handy. I suggested the picture manager because it’s very easy to learn and understand if you are a novice. If you are into photography and can deal with the bigger and more complicated applications then it’s your call entirely.

  1. Google, Wikipedia and the World Wide Web:

You must be well aware of the internet and while you are at it, being well aware of how to use various web browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc is important. Along with those get to know Google at the back of your hand and get familiar with Wikipedia cause nothing is more helpful then ‘Google baba’ and ‘Wiki devi’ to help you do projects or understand concepts one night before the exam. When I say learn them well I mean the internal features that most of us are unaware off but knowing them makes life really easier!

  1. Social Media:

These days, a social presence is much more than having fun on the internet, you social presence will speak a lot about you to your potential employer and hence be careful while you develop a strong social personality for yourself. Keep in mind that these things matter and help differentiate you from the crowd.

If you do not use the Microsoft OS, you will surely have equivalents to Word, Excel and Picture Manager in your own OS that you must be well aware off!

Keep Calm and Score Amazing in CAB 🙂 All the best!

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