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The throttle twisters biking club is one of the best biking clubs I have ever heard of as it is one that is very close to my heart and a few of the members/riders of the group are known to me like Hafeez, Alfred, Kevin, Daylin, Bhagyashree, Vivek and Afroz. They are not just bikers or mere members of a biking club but are one Family, a family that they call ‘The Throttle Twister Family’. Everyone today rides a Bike. But very few are really passionate about their bikes. We bikers treat are bikes like our babies. It certainly is very close to our heart. We all love biking, racing and riding to different places and exploring a whole new route. People travel from Andheri to CST, Dadar to Borivali even Virar by bike, by the end of it they are tired. But here we have a biking club called ‘the throttle twisters’ who never get tired biking and exploring places.

The throttle twisters biking club came into existence when a bunch of few bike riders came up with an idea of making their monotonous life a little interesting by doing something about their passion which is bikes. They came up with idea and decided on making a biking club and meeting every month for awesome road trips. Little did they know that this small idea would become such an important part of their lives today? They function pretty well and execute their road trips in a very well organised manner.

The 3 main pillars of THE THROTTLE TWISTERS are HAFEEZ SHAIKH, KEVIN BRYNE and ALFRED HARDEV. Now they have people coming from all over Mumbai to join in their road trips. There are riders and pillion riders all become a part of their biking club but all are not the members. There are certain rules that they follow just like every company follows their code of conduct. SAFETY and DISCIPLE is what they believe in and indeed they practice and preach the same.


A list of the road trips they have had

10th November 2012 – Daman, Diu

14th December 2012 – Malshej Ghats

11th January 2013 – Harihareshwar

31st January 2013 – Goa, India Bike Week

17th February 2013 – Lonavala Breakfast Ride

16th March 2013 – Leisure Ride to Lonavala

6th April 2013 – Vansda National Park, Gujarat

6th July 2013 – Bhatsa Dam

14th September 2013 – Kaas Plateau of Flowers

16th November 2013 – Malshej Ghats

28th November 2013 – Mount Abu (Rajasthan)

19th January 2014 – Polio Free India Cause Ride by Rotary Club / BBC

23rd February 2014 – Women Empowerment Cause Ride by Cruise India Tour

8th March 2014 – Sandhan Valley, Samrad Village

12th April 2014 – Shrivardhan Beach

31st May 2014 – Parsi Dhaba
21st June 2014 – Rajmachi, Lonavala
9th July 2014 – Satpati Beach, Palghar
15th August 2014 – Coastal Route Freedom Ride
7th September 2014 – Ride for Safety by Wheelieboy / Jai Hind College (Talaash)


The above shows that they have had loads of biking trips and indeed a fun filled one. Unlike racing this club believes in enjoying the ride rather than racing and being injured.  They have strict rules of not overtaking yet enjoying the ride with their safety gears on such as their safety jackets, helmets, knee pads , elbow pads so on and so forth. They have various sponsors too. They have a meeting one to two weeks prior to their rides and have a well-planned route which they strictly follow. All members and pillion riders who are joining them for the trip have to have their safety gears on. Safety is a must. They love roads and they love their bikes. They have the passion for bikes, love the roads and thus share this amazing feeling of brotherhood.


Why join this club?

  • Going on road trips is fun

This biking club has a lot of experience on the road and it will be an enjoyable one. There have been people from different parts of Mumbai who have joined them on rides and have loved this experience of riding with them.


  • Safety is their main priority

Be it pillion riders or bike riders, safety is of the uttermost importance and this group makes sure you are safe.


  • Collaborations and tie-ups

The throttle twisters is not just a random biking group but a well-known biking club that has tie ups with good companies and are associated with SENA BLUETOOTH Thailand. It will only make you realize how privileged you are being a part of their club.


  • Riding is a wonderful life time experience

Riding is an amazing feeling especially with the throttle twisters as the members are fun loving and make you feel comfortable with them on road trips. They also see to it that every rider that joins them on the rides is safe. Kevin Bryne one of the admins is always there to make sure all the riders are safe and stays at the back to ensure everything is going as per plan.

  • Open to all 

Unlike specific biking groups that only allow women or only men for that matter to ride with them, this group allows everyone to ride with them. Even pillion riders can join in an be a part also they give in an opportunity for new riders (amateurs ) to be a part of their road trips provided they follow the code of conduct, strictly above 18 eligibility with license and safety gears to be worn. Women too are a part of this group. Any bike with 100cc and above can join in.

There are a few female riders too on this trip that makes it more fun as there is no biasness and also show that men do not hold any kind of ego and they do not look down upon women. Intact they encourage more female riders to join them and be a part of their amazing rides. They love exploring roads and also go on biking rally’s to support women empowerment, aids awareness and to support various causes. This is the USP about ‘the throttle twisters’ that they not only have fun on their trips but also increase the awareness by being a part and supporting various causes.

I have always seen enthusiasm and excitement on the faces of the members and all the riders and pillion riders through pictures, videos and various other means.  They are also socially active on Facebook and Instagram. I wish I too could someday be a part of this biking club and experience the ride, feel the same passion for roads and go back with wonderful memories to cherish for a life time.



Carren Bryne.

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