What Are The Committees and Management Bodies of WTO?


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Committees and Management Bodies:- The Ministerial Conference establishes three functional committees for discharging functions assigned to them. These committees are:-

(A) Committee on Trade & Development


(B) Committee on Balance of Payments


( C) Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration


Management Bodies:- Plurilateral agreements of the WTO have their management bodies. These management bodies report to the General Council. Some of the Plurilateral agreements having management bodies include: Civil air-craft, government procurement, dairy product, bovine-meat etc.


The Sectariate of th e WTO is headed by the Director General. The Director General is appointed by the Ministerial Conference who sets out his powers, duties, and conditions of services and terms of office. The term of Director General is 4 years. The Director General has four deputies from other member countries,. He appoints the members of staff of the Secretariat and determines their duties and conditions of service. The Director General presents the annual budget and financial statement of the WTO to the committee on budget, finance and administration.


The decisions of the WTO are taken by consensus. In the absence of consensus, the issue is decided by 2/3rd majority and in case of wavier of the member’s obligation, the majority required is 3/4th of the members.


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