Viral Dharod, NK College


Name -Viral Dharod

College – NK BMS College

Tell us about yourself

Hey guys, this is Viral Dharod from NK College, with determination and focus to be the best in whatever I perceive for my career. I am a fun loving guy, a risk taker and I love to explore new avenues and learn new things. 🙂
Tell us about your college

My college is the best platform for any student to promote their talent and bring out the best in them. Apart from having best infrastructure it hosts’s a quite best full time faculty who are ever ready to help their student in best possible way.

When did you join BMS? Which year you are in?

I joined BMS in 2008 & I am currently in TYBMS

What inspired you to choose BMS and not any other course?

When you say you have no choice. You’re wrong! There’s always a choice…you’re just too afraid to choose it. And for me BMS was my choice.
According to you, what is BMS all about?

BMS is all about putting your hands in each experiment…u never know some come out as the best innovation

What’s special about your college? What do you love about it?

The enlightening fest MIRAGE…which brings out the hidden quality of a student…They way students co-ordinate with each other and have a team spirit..The best part is the crowd culture….there’s nothing called as juniors and seniors in our college…all are under the same sky n are very friendly….that’s what make an institution a place to grow for oneself. It gives a chance to everyone … you just need to grab it on your own feet.

Who is your favorite teacher/faculty? Why?

Our very own Vice-Principal Prof. Mona Bhatia. Apart from being a faculty, she has been a perfect mentor, a motivator, a friend and a philosopher. Whenever I would get stuck or couldn’t find a solution she has always shown the right path. I have learnt a lot from her.

What has BMS life taught you?

BMS is such a course; if you take it seriously…it takes you to your extremes…makes u to try each and every thing. BMS has taught me how to do smart work rather than doing just hard work… how to get things done at critical moments…how to take decisions…n many more…

What was the happiest moment in BMS? The saddest? The most memorable?

Well there were many…but the one which touched my heart was when I was awarded as

Most Aspiring Student for the year in 2009 and

Best Organizer of the Year 2010 and recently being awarded by

NIEM in association with Times of India as the ‘EVENT MANAGER OF THE YEAR’

The saddest moment would be when I would be leaving this college with all good memories of the three glorious years of NKBMS…The institution which has given me many things which I had never thought of..

Who in your life has influenced the most?

My Dad and our Vice Principal Prof. Mona Bhatia
As a BMS student, what changes would you like to bring in management education?

I would like to make the syllabus a bit flexible and have more of practical education then theoretical knowledge.

What would you advice someone planning to do BMS?

I would advise them to go ahead with it and pursue the 3 years of BMS wholeheartedly and enjoy each and every moment.

Questions you would like to ask an MBA?

Why MBA?

Can a MBA can only be a successful manager or and an entrepreneur?

What are your future plans?

I haven’t planned yet for further studies. Will give it a core thought once I complete my graduation

What are you expecting out of BMS?

I expect to see a sea transformation in my personality which can be distinguished in a crowd as an individual entity!

How is What help should it provide in future?

It’s a very good initiative by the team…It is helping the BMS and the management community to come closer and get wider scope.

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