The Most Believed Superstitions of India That Exists Even Today



“OMG why did u do that, you crossed the road when the black cat passed by, this is a bad omen”. You may have often come across phrases like these. India is a home for such cultural superstitious beliefs which are followed even today. Such ridiculous beliefs have no relevance in today’s time but are yet practiced and implemented in inappropriate situations. These are practiced not only among illiterate but also among people who have a wider approach to facts.

Some of the most illogical superstitions one may have come across to name a few:

  • Hiccups indicate someone is thinking of you apparently if you don’t get hiccups means no one is thinking of you.
  • Don’t throw hair strands in the house it causes quarrels what if there are only bald people at home means there will be no quarrels.
  • If you are about to travel or do something important and someone sneezes it’s a bad omen hence what if a sick person sneezes.
  • If a crow calls on your house it’s a sign of visiting relatives that means you should have your apartment at a deserted areas and call relatives by yourself.
  • Taking a teaspoon of curd with sugar before exams will bring good luck, studying hardly matters.
  • “Teen tigada kaam bigada” bad luck occurs if you take things numbering three instead of any other number to avoid this superstitions so what about the movie 3 idiots which was a massive hit.
  • Women going through her monthly menstruation cycle are considered to be unclean and impure hence they are not allowed to enter kitchen and visit scared places. The fact behind this is people forget that a woman’s body during her monthly cycle is weak and is unable to do heavy work on those days. But nowadays this superstition’s works as an advantage as women get these few days of holiday from their daily household chores.
  • One must not cut nails or shave after 6pm, if you do so you may end up at a party looking gross.


Although superstitions are penetrated deep in our lives, one as an individual can avoid believing such beliefs. We live in a modern world where everyone is quite matured enough to identify whether it’s SUPERSTITIONS or STUPIDSTITIONS, so why follow same old beliefs which are illogical and make no sense, open oneself to truth and facts rather than relying on beliefs. 

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Daisy Pais


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