Is It True That Indian Women Are More Stressed Than Anyone In The World?


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Women in the world face a lot of problems in life. The reason to all of these problems maybe personal or Work life. But these at times adversely affect their Health physically or mentally. One of such heath problem is Stress. Stress is a condition that affects both Mind and Body due to certain stimuli. It is a condition which affects both men and Women. But women are more likely to go under stress as many women easily get affected by situation around them. Maybe one of the reasons for women to get easily affected and reacting to situation is that they think more from their heart or in other words they are soft hearted. Women can’t let go things as compared to Men as they are much more sensitive than Men.

 Among all Women, Indian Women are more stressed in the World. As per the Survey Conducted 87% of the Indian Women has Stress. The reason for Stress is innumerable. Indian Women react on petty issues and think about every little thing too seriously. Some Women get stressed as they are not amongst those who easily gel with people around and they cannot share their problems with each and everybody. As they believe in not troubling others with their problems.

stressed indian woman

Another reason for Stress is family problem which is very common in Indian families. One of such a problem is the financial crisis at house. As Women is the one who looks after the entire budget of the house but when there are money issues at home she gets stressed as she has to run the house with very limited budget. Another issue is the domestic violence that women suffer by the in laws and the husband too.

Pregnancy is also a reason for stress among Indian Women. As many Indian families have a narrow thinking that a girl is a burden and a curse to the family. Therefore most of them want son who can earn bread for the family. So those 9 months of her pregnancy is very stressful to most Indian Women as she is warned that if she bares a daughter she will be thrown out of the house or the husband might say, “I will divorce you if you don’t give me a son”. So she goes through such an emotional turmoil these days which affects both her and the baby in the womb.

Studies too are a reason for Stress. As the World today is very competitive every parent want their Kid to be the best and on the top, which in return they create Stress on their Children. Due to which, many of them suicide due to stress they undergo due to studies.

Though Indian Women get stressed for serious reasons but there are also petty and silly reasons for Stress. Some of which are their obsession of themselves like getting fat if they eat too much, self-grooming etc.

So majority of the Indian Women are stressed is true but the reasons for them maybe not really considerate.

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