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Giving and receiving gift is just like an excuse to us. We do not need occasions to gift our family and friends but we finds reasons to give gifts, it is a way to show our concern and care to them. Gifts can be anything but there are certain gifts that are Indian Speciality.

Ten Best Indian Gift Items

  • Crockery

The most common things that we gift on any occasion to relatives are Crockery. This is  gifted because one feels that crockery is such a thing that one can use it, and being Indians we always see that whatever we gift someone it always comes to them for use. Earlier crockery gifted was mostly in silver, now crockery includes bowls, Crockery Sets and Set of glasses.


  • Paintings

This is something that we find rarely today, but there are people who still like paintings which really add to the beauty of the house. So paintings of Animals, Beautiful Sceneries and much more is an on-going trend that is present in our country from the past, from the times of Kings that we gift to our relatives and family. The other reason to gift paintings is that there are many people who have craze to make collections and one out of which is Paintings.


  • Wall Hangings

Everybody loves decorating their house with various things, and one out of which is through wall hangings. Wall hangings can be anything as long as it looks different and beautiful. Some wall hangings also include beautiful Photo frames, then things beautifully crafted of shells and glass pieces too. Therefore, Wall hanging is also one of Indian items that we can gift our parents and relatives.


  • Antic Items

Many of our Parents and Relatives have a different sparkle in their eyes when they see Antic items. This includes Crockery, Ancient Watches, Statues, and Furniture etc. This adds to the list of Indian gifts that we can gift.


  • Laughing Buddha

This is something that everybody loves and it is considered to be a lucky charm. This forms a major part of Indian gift items and it is the desire of many to have one. It is also said that Laughing Buddha has to be gifted and can’t be purchased, so many of them want that they are gifted at least once with the laughing Buddha.


  • Miniatures

There is also a trend to gift miniatures of Animals of Elephants, Horses etc. which is the most common of all. Miniatures of Houses, Wonders of the world and in India most commonly TAJ MAHAL is gifted to newly wedded couples considered to be symbol of love hence gifted.


  • Sarees

Sarees is the most traditional Indian gift that we gift our Moms and Relatives. This is because it is something every woman loves and also because it is a tradition too.


  • Idols

Another gift item is idols of God and Goddess that we gift on birthdays and house warming ceremonies as it is Religious and also because it is the simplest gift idea.


  • Home Appliances

It is a trend by we Indians especially of Gifting Home Appliances and that can be anything including Cupboards, Kitchen Appliances etc.


  • Jewellery

Gifting Jewellery is in our culture which includes more of Gold, considering that it might help our relatives and Parents in bad times and also considered to be one of the most beautiful gifts.

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