Interview with Rooshika Dabhi, BMS Student from M.L.Dahanukar College



Tell us about yourself

I am an experience seeker. I always indulge into activities wherein I can gain something. Apart from it, I like reading novels and writing down my emotions. I like Positivity around me and love people with strong desires.


Tell us about your college

The specialty of my college lies in its rules and regulation. It operates in certain manner wherein both teaching and non-teaching faculties along with students follow their set of rules and there is no bias decision over anybody. Also to mention the faculty over here are excellent in their work profile.


When did you join BMS? Which year you are in? What inspired you to choose BMS and not any other course?

I joined BMS to enhance my management skills. It’s a great course wherein students can learn about corporate work and also gain knowledge about various subjects.


According to you, what is BMS all about? As a BMS student, what changes would you like to bring in management education?

BMS is all about 14 principles of management, their implementations and also about presentations. A drawback that BMS course posses is that certain subjects are repeated, students are less exposed to financial knowledge and also there is less exposure to practicality.


Who in your life has influenced the most?

I get influenced by work a people does, by their strong aims in life. But to mention, I am influenced by life, with its each new chapter- I wanna grow.


What would you advice someone planning to do BMS?
Enjoy you’re presentations. Get exposed to reality and always thrive to learn more and implement it.


What are your future plans?

My ultimate goal after BMS is to become a professor and change the learning pattern of students.


Your feedback for

Keep up the great work.


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