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Most of the students spent time travelling or doing other activities except taking in hand experience during summer vacations. There is a difference between studying and working hard. Most of us believe that grades are all that matters after graduation to get an entry level job. Colleges are the first to tell you that you need more than a degree to get hired.

  • How summer internships help 

Many ambitious young adults disrespect the value of work experience because they have had jobs that have no connection to their future plans—and pay poorly.

But working can teach you many valuable lessons, even if your job isn’t intellectually challenging. Try to get a job in a field you’re interested in, even if the job itself seems like a dead end.

Internship is valuable because it includes learning more about the industry you’re interested in, impressing a potential employer and learning about your own strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps you’ll find the industry so interesting that an internship will cement your career decision. Perhaps you’ll find the industry so boring that your internship will lead you to change your career plans. But it’s better to learn that lesson during a one-semester internship than as a full-time employee.

Performing well as an intern can also lead you to the next step in the industry. Your manager may write you a recommendation for graduate school or for a better internship. You could even get a full-time job offer or a job lead from a coworker who was impressed by your work. Don’t discount the opportunities that working for free can provide down the road.

Plus, interning can give you a chance to learn what your best job skills are, which skills need improvement and how to work with people.

  • Relation between Work Experience & your degree

Many ambitious young people think that lower-level jobs are an impediment to success because they’re time-consuming and cause employers to stereotype you as someone with lower-level skills.

Several schools disagree. In fact, these schools represent so many different fields that it’s fair to say their advice might be pertinent to dozens of careers.

Students pursuing a master’s degree in business administration  are advised to work full-time for a few years after graduating college because MBA students rarely except people directly from college. Note that work experience is important because its MBA coursework analyzes everyday business problems and is one of three criteria for admission.

Students who make the jump without work experience are less competitive for employment when they finish their degrees than their classmates with work experience.

  • Employers want experienced candidates

Colleges aren’t the only ones weighing in. Even future employers—in a variety of fields—feel that real-world experience is the only thing standing between some graduates and their dream jobs.

 Whether it is a paid or volunteer status, this involvement [in your desired field] will increase [your] confidence and savvy while exhibiting dedication and responsibility.

Don’t be afraid of spending your summers putting in a few hours in your industry, no matter how menial the job may seem. The few weekends at the lake you miss will be well worth it when you graduate with job offers and your lake buddies don’t.

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Visshal T Sawant
Masters in Human Resources with 3 years+ of experience in HR. Currently working with Capgemini as an HR Business Partner. Contributing to other's success is a small medium to educate people about our knowledge. Let's be a part of other's successful journey & make them Happy. Inspire & Grow !!!


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