Internship and its co-relation with black book topic


Recently we received an interesting question about the new university rule regarding internships and its co-relation with the black book research report topic.

Here’s the question:

Dear Sir/ Madam

My name is Rahul and I am a BMS student studying at a reputed college in Mumbai. I will be completing Second year now and going to the third year (2016-17).

Recently, our college announced that as the University rules have changed, we need to do an internship for 1-1.5 months on the basis of our specialisation (mar, fin or HR). And similarly, on the basis of our role/nature of internship we need to prepare our black book. For e.g. a marketing student will do a marketing internship, let’s say sales agent of credit cards, then the topic of the  black book research should be very close to credit card market.

As the details are incomplete and even on the University website no information is provided, could you please tell me whether the internship and black book research should be related or we can select a topic of our choice irrespective of the internship?

Thanks and regards

Answer from BMS Team:

Dear Rahul,

We are aware that the information put up on the University website is incomplete. After reaching out to a few of our sources, we’re told that the decisions regarding how the internship structure will be implemented are yet to be finalised and it may take some time before a clear mandate is declared.

However, a simple answer to your question at this point would be this :

The black book should be related to the internship as per the new syllabus.

If there are any changes, we’ll update those here.

Should you have any more questions, do comment below!

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BMS Team

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