I have interns.. sigh..! doesn’t that say it all? Ok let me re-phrase my roller coaster ride of a working day for you, I have a group of totally amazing interns working under me who at times manage to amuse me to no limits (see how the title got tweaked yet again, from a simply frustrated workaholic now I am an amused one 😛 )

Mistakes they make and my interpretation:

1. Forgot to write their name.. Identity crisis! I mean how can you not know your name!

2. Forgot to put a full stop (or use the correct punctuation)… Nope! I can’t take up grammar lessons, sorry I ain’t paid that lavishly!

3. Forgot to Justify:


It’s a two minute job, but an article with no justify looks like ants are running all over the web-page, can’t you see that for yourself people?

4. A paragraph that doesn’t end: Why can’t you simply just read how your work looks on getting published? Are you so ashamed to read your own writing O.o ?

5. Tiny images: Oohh… this one truly irritates me to the core! Just imagine a web page with tiny images don’t you find it dull? then why do you want your readers to have the same experiences with your work? 

6. No images: This one frustrates me even more.. You really expect me to hunt down those for you, like you  really hate me that much 🙁 ?

7. Images in a word attachment: Well this one isn’t you mistake entirely, but fact remains that I asked you to send them separately coz I can’t copy paste them from word, I have to upload them! So if I couldn’t upload from your article how does a separate word doc with only images help?


8.No tags or Featured Image: How do you expect your article to get searched on Google, if you don’t put these, I mean Santa doesn’t come every month with his sack full of page views does he?

 9. Cherry on the cake: Work Not Submitted On Time!

Well this one is when I blow my lid, like completely gone, you can’t ABSOLUTELY can’t have pending work! Give it to me in advance if you have a party to attend or apply for leave so I know I have to manage my target from else where, I mean I can’t let such a huge web portal suffer because you have  a wedding to dance for can I?

I appreciate your efforts, I understand how hard each one works, but then tiny changes and believe me you are going to be thanking me for the rest of your life for making you so particular and perfect

(P.S. Stop thinking up of all those ugly nicknames for me right away! I still will be a stickler for perfection 😛 )

And of course if you are/ were/ ever will be my intern, or just happen to be an amused reader of my blog series (overloaded with sarcasm- as many like to put it) you must definitely read this:

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'Ever Learning, Ever Evolving, Never Giving up' sums up's Content Manager and passionate writer, Ami. She is a BMS graduate who has freelanced in the past with the top Indian newspapers and magazines. Apart from writing she also likes to indulge into travelling, photography and social work.

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