You might think that what new you will learn in this article because thousand’s of articles are written on this topic of “WOMEN POWER” and we all know who are women and we also know what power means but what is the meaning of @ 60…. Is it @ 60 punches per/min, 60 kicks per/min, 60 slaps per/min orrrrrr…… just chilled out, it is not related with the physical strength and nor I am going to talk about the typical women power, what I want to convey is the power or strength of a “MOTHER”.

Recent trend, which is virally growing on television, is the trend of reality shows for finding new-new talents in various fields. Some days back I was watching a talent reality show, which is relating with acting skills. Candidates are need to act and dance in front of judges to prove their acting ability. A 20-25 years aged candidate came from U.P with his mother who aged around 60 years. This 60-year-old mother is my article hero and this is my @60.

There is no new thing in it that a candidate came for an audition but the new thing is that he is a deaf & mute person. He cannot listen as well as can’t speak and he is there for a acting reality show auditions. I asked myself that what this guy can do? Will he be able to clear the audition? Why he is giving such a pain to himself and his mother, to come to auditions and waiting for his turn?


But when his turn came and he acted silently, after his performance he kept me on a silent mode. This guy was amazing and he acted amazingly.  All the judges praised his performance and his mother came on the stage because he can only understand his mother sign language. Judges are giving their comments and his mother is conveying those comments to him by different signs. There is an amazing bond between him and his mother. I have not seen such a strong bond between anyone. It was like; they have a same soul but two different bodies.

All was going on well and in a happy mood but suddenly everyone started crying. Judges are crying, that guy started crying after watching judges,  audiences are crying  and I myself cried watching all of them, but the one person who did not wasted a single drop of water is his mother. She stood firm and strong as if, the god has given her some special power to control her emotions. She did not cry. I can see a sense of emotion on her face but she controlled that emotion. She rather asked his son that why he is crying and he pointed towards judges, trying to say that because they are crying I am crying.


I asked myself that why I am crying and the answer was because on t.v everyone is crying. I cannot understand this emotional logic in human beings that, we are easily connecting ourselves with others emotions and then we are flowed in their emotions. This thing also happens while we watch films and we started crying when our favorite stars are crying.

The one thing I could not understand is that how his mother controlled her emotions at such a critical time when everyone around her is crying and she knows that all of them are crying because of her sons’ problems and she was standing like a strong IRON WOMEN.

I can only figured out one thing that she is such a strong person today because she is dealing with all the problems and odds since the birth of his son. She has handled her son since his birth and she might have overcome from some of the most difficult times of a human life. It is not easy in Indian culture to grow a deaf child.

You have to deal with the problems of your child as well as with the society in which you live. The society is also having some problems with your child, they might did not like your child or some may advice you to send him to a deaf school and many other social issues. Beside all these odds she always stood behind her son and she growed him so well that today he is a complete man and standing in the same line with others.

I also admire his parents, because they thought that their son is a brilliant child and he is good at acting so they should take him to the auditions and it is a very brave decision by his parents. If he might have failed in his audition, then everyone will tease him and taunt him about this audition but now as he succeeded, everyone is praising.

We all are blessed, physically and mentally fit, then also many of us are not satisfied with our lives. We always comment on some situations and persons that if it had happened then today I might be at this position or today I would have this much of wealth. However, the real problem is not others; the incompleteness is within us only. We ourselves did not put our efforts right and we blame others for this. We should know that in which field we are strong and should focus on that field to get success in life.

power humility future

That 60-year-old mother gave me a sleepless night on that day. I was only thinking about her and her inner strength, which she has gained after crossing the real difficulties of life and those difficulties made her such a strong person today. We can also apply the same formulae to make our future brighter and to be strong from within. Now from next time whenever difficult situations came in your life then only think of “WOMEN POWER @ 60”.

– Ankit Yadav

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