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Advertising    is   the   backbone    for   any   business.    It   is   a    form   of   mass communication, a powerful marketing tool.


When a market or a firm has developed a product to satisfy market demand after thoroughly analyzing the market, there is a need for establishing contact with the target  market to eventually sell the product. Advertising helps in reaching to the target market.


Advertising     can     thus     aptly     be     called     as     the     MOTHER      OF     ALL COMMUNICATION. Advertising is all around us. We are bombarded with ads (commercials) over TV, radio &in the print. When we go to our colleges, offices we are  expose to many bill boards, which tell us to drink more milk, donate are eyes,  gives  you  more  information,  tells  you  to  do  family  planning  etc.  On  an average, an Indian citizen is exposed to more than 20 commercials per day.


In  modern  times,  advertising  prevails  in  all  walks  of  life.  It  has  acquired  the distinction   of   being   the   most   visible   &   glamorous   method   of   marketing communication.   It   is   the   world’s   fifth   largest   industry.   Oil,   Automobiles, Computers & Agriculture follow advertising in that order. Today it is a million dollar business.


“Advertising” = “means to inform” COMMUNICATION DEFINED

The steps  between source  and  a  resource  that  result  in  the  transference  and

understanding of meaning






Advertising communication always involves a perception process and four of the elements shown in the model: the source, a message, a communication channel & a receiver.  In  addition,  the   receiver   will  sometimes   become  a   source   of information by talking to friends or associates.  This type of communication is termed  word-of  mouth   communication  and   it   involves   social  interactions between two or more people & the important ideas of group influence & the diffusion of information.


The source of a message in the advertising communication system is the point of which the message originates. There are many types of “sources” in the context of advertising, such as the company offering the product, the particular brand or the spokesperson used.




The message refers to both the content and execution of the advertisement. It is  the totality of what is perceived by the receiver of the message. The message can be executed in great variety of ways for e.g. the use of humor & fear




The  message  is  transmitted  through  some  channel  from  the  source  to  the receiver. The channel in an advertising communication system consist  of one or more   kinds  of  media,  such  as  radio,  TV,  newspaper,  magazines,  billboards, point-of-purchase  display,  &so  on.  The  impact  of  the  communication  can  be different for different media.




The receiver in an advertising communication system is also called the target audience. Thus, the receiver can be described in terms of audience segmentation variables, lifestyle, benefits sought, demographics, & so on. Of particular interest might be the receiver’s involvement in the product & the extent to which he/she is willing to  search for and/or process information. It is the characteristics of the receiver-the   demographics,  psychological,  &  social  characteristics-that   provide the basis for understanding communication, persuasion & market processes.




The communication model in above diagram does not stop at the receiver but allows for the possibility that the initial receiver might engage in word-of mouth communication  to  the  ultimate  destination  of  the  message.  The  receiver  then becomes an interim source & the destination becomes another receiver. Word-of- mouth   communication  resulting  from  advertising  can  be  a  critical  part  of  a campaign. The  reality  is  that for  some products  the absence  of word-of-mouth communication  can  be  fatal.  It  is  only  the word-of-mouth  communication  that has  credibility, comprehensiveness, & impact of affect the ultimate behavior of a portion   of  the   audience.   Advertising   can   actually   stimulate  word-of-mouth activity, even  when it cannot stimulate it, knowledge of its appropriateness and power can be very helpful.

An advertising message can have a variety of effects upon the receiver. It can: Create awareness

Communicate information about attributes & benefits Develop or change an image or personality Associate a  brand with feelings & emotions

Create group norms

Precipitate behavior



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