Why The Practice Of Child Marriage Should Be Ended Everywhere?


Child Marriage

India is known as the land of values, tradition, culture, etc. India is popular for its rich heritage and culture. But the curse of child marriage is still prevalent in our country. In ancient days, children were forced to get married at an early age of 11 to 12 years. The girl did not have the permission to study or get education after she was married. She had to perform all the household chores. As she was not given the right to educate, she was illiterate and had to depend on the family.
Some parents get their girl marry early so that they don’t have to give much dowry. And just for the sake of dowry, the parents sacrifice their daughter. They don’t even ask the children whether they want to get married or not. The children even don’t have any option because they are not matured to take any decision. For their own benefit, they destroy their child’s life.

Child Marriage 1

Parents don’t understand that girls are not safe anywhere. People keep on saying that ‘Men and women are equal’. But is it true that this saying has come into practice? Still, women are not considered equal to men. Though there has been advancement in technology and in the world, but still in some areas of India child marriage is prevalent. At the age when she should study and play with her friends, she has to face many hardships. She has to go through a lot of problems in her life. Not only the girl but also the life of the boy is also destroyed.
This narrow mind-set of the people is really very pathetic. A lot of programs have come up which can make people aware of the disadvantages of child marriage. The show ‘Balika Vadhu’ was based on this topic. The show has contributed a lot towards the enhancement of the society. It has also explained the viewers that performing child marriage is illegal. A lot of responsibility of the family is put on the girl. She has to take care of her family and kids.
The Government should take strict actions towards this illegal practice. If it will not be ended up, so many lives will be destroyed. Parents should first educate their daughter and at the right age she should be married. Due to this, she will never have to depend on others for her life. Women can live her life in the way she wants. Therefore, I hope that the society will change its attitude towards child marriage and work for the upliftment of the nation.



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Aakriti Sharma
I am in 11th std from mulund college of commerce


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