5 Awesome Reasons To Be Happy Right Now


5 Awesome Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

reasons to be happy

Happiness is a simple thing. One can be happy by enjoying small things of life. It is not difficult to get happiness, it is we who makes it complicated. To be happy is a great feeling in the world. It is a pleasant feeling.

Here are 5 reasons to be happy in life:

  1. Friends

Friends are the biggest reason for your happiness. You should be happy to keep them happy. They are the most important part of your life. They give you happiness of life. They are more than your family. We spend the majority part of our life with our friends in the young as well as old age. Whenever we are sad, they joke around and make us happy or whenever we are in some problem they always stand for us. They find solutions to our problems or else give such solutions that make us laugh. We hang out with our friends to spend time with them and become happy. So friends are the biggest reason for our happiness or we can say if we want to be happy we just need to do is make friends.

  1. Be yourself

You just need to be yourself to gain happiness. Never change for anyone else’s happiness, just change for your happiness. Go crazy, laugh loudly, dance like mad, sing aloud and don’t think about what people will think of you. If you are enjoying the way you are then be yourself. There is no need of controlling yourself by others’ saying. People who love you will accept you the way you’re, others will just judge you. Have faith in yourself, don’t go out for famous personality and duplicate them, you are beautiful in your own way. Don’t be afraid to be you and never try to impress people. These will give you all the happiness of life.

  1. Fall in love

Everyone wants to get fall in love. Don’t they? The feeling of love is beautiful. Your loved ones make you feel special at every point of time. By thinking about your loved ones brings a smile on your face and that smile is a precious one. Love is a key of friendship, freedom, honesty, trust, understanding and communication. It is an emotional attachment between two persons. It is a feeling that brings a smile on a person’s face. So fall in love and get happy.

  1. Forget all the problems of life

If there is any problem in your life, forget it and get happy. Don’t get stressed by small problems in life. Life is really short, enjoy each moment by being happy and not stressed. Thinking about the problems will only create more problems in your life. Instead leave all the problems behind and enjoy your life. Problems will not give you happiness but finding a solution to it will give you happiness. So instead of sitting and crying, try to find solutions to your problems and be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy in their life. So forget your problems and smile.

  1. Spend your time with kids and be like them

I know you must be thinking how spending time with kids will make us happy, but trust me it feels great to be with kids. They don’t care about the world and enjoy themselves. They are very innocent and funny. We get a smile on our face by playing with them. We must be like kids, forgetting all the problems of your life. They only want to be loved and cared.


This is all about being happy. Small things in life can give us happiness. The thing is we need to find it. We must always find a reason to be happy. Happiness is not something readymade we need to find it.

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Shreya Rathod


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