The life is full of competition nowadays. One wants to go ahead from the other in this competition. If they win they get courage to move ahead in life, but if they fail to get success in these competitions they may lead to depression in their life. There are various reasons for depression in today’s life. Here are the 5 major reasons for depression in a person’s life:

  1. Lack of money

Nowadays money finds lot of importance in a person’s life. One cannot survive without money in today’s life. The home in which we live, the food that we eat all are not for the free. It costs money to buy them. Due to competition in modern life, people don’t find the right way to earn money. They don’t get money for spending a normal life. They cannot meet all the expenses. That is why, people fall in depression as everything is very costly.

  1. Lack of sleep

This is the world of competition. Nobody gets time for themselves, everyone is so busy that they can’t even sleep properly. They are always busy into one thing or the other. They just want to leave the people behind to show them they can do everything. But these things are not right. One must get enough sleep so that they remain cheerful the whole day and also they can tackle the things in their life and find solutions to it. If we don’t get an adequate sleep we may get lots of frustration and irritation that may lead to depression in your life.

  1. Loss or migration of job

In today’s world, nobody gives a guarantee to your job. A small mistake can take away your job in a couple of seconds. What will one do if he loses his job? How will he make his family survive without any source of getting money? These all leads to depression in a person’s life. Even migration of job can lead to depression in life as we go to a new place. It’s difficult to adjust in a new place. If we have some problem we can’t share with anyone until there is anyone close to us. So these all leads to depression.


  1. Loneliness

Loneliness leads to depression in a person’s life. When you are alone you don’t know what to do, no one is there to guide you, to support you, to show you the right path. You need someone in your lives to fill your life with happiness. If someone comes ahead in your life holding your hands you may feel like you have achieved the victory of the world. But if you are alone you may fall into severe depression.

  1. Consuming intoxicating substances

These is the major reason for people falling in depression. People consume alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to reduce their stress but they don’t realize it can put them into severe depression. It may make you think more on a particular topic which gives stress to you.

These are all the reasons why people fall into depression in the modern life. Due to frequent competition they fall into depression.

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