What Are The Guidelines For Handling Grievances?


 Handling Grievance


* Constitute a grievance redressal cell
* All grievances  should be considered important
* Aggrieved party should be met in person and should be allowed to express his grievance fully.
* A time frame should be laid for resolving the grievance.
* Ensure that all procedural formalities relating to grievance redressal have been complied with.
* All grievances should be put forth in writing.
* Understand the redressal which the aggrieved employee is seeking.
* Study the law pertaining to the grievance.
* Create a positive environment where the aggrieved employee may not hesitate to air his grievance.
Have an open door policy to enable the aggrieved employee to air his grievance.
* Have suggestion boxes at different places.
*  All facts pertaining to the issue should be gathered in order to understand the implications of the grievance.


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