Ans.    Elements of a Brand :

1.      Brand name:

Selecting A Brand Name

Certain factors to be considered before selecting a brand name:

—       distinguish the product from competitive brands

—       memorable and easy to pronounce

—       easy to say, spell and pronounce

—       it should allude to the product’s uses, benefits, or special characteristics in a positive way

—       negative or offensive references should be avoided.

—       evoke positive mental image

—       evoke positive emotional reaction

—       suggest product function or benefits

—       simple

—       sound appropriate

—       be registrable (unique)

—       possibly, translate well in other languages too.

2.      Logo : 

The company logo is the cornerstone of the firm’s branding elements. For many firms the logo is the visual reminder of everything that the firm stands for. While a great logo won’t necessarily build the firm, it plays a
vital role in representing it. Conversely, a weak or confusing logo can detract from the value that the firm brings.

Elements of a Good Logo :

—       It has a lasting value – trendy logos don’t hold up over time.

—       It is distinct – some amount of uniqueness, as long as it doesn’t confuse, is valuable.

—       Appeals to your target market – if your target market is partial to blue then it doesn’t matter that you’re not.

—       Supports your USP – If you are trying to communicate your low low prices then your logo should support that image

—       Legible – This seems pretty obvious but many people use typefaces and images that can’t be printed or carried to a large sign. Your logo should clearly identify your company and it can’t do that if people don’t understand it.


3.      Slogans, Jingles, Characters, and Packaging :

—       Recognize the benefits of an effective jingle, slogan, character, and package design for a brand.

—       Use a slogan or jingle that i.e. edible to the hear and one which is hummable. For example, Doodh Doodh Ad.

—       Examine a hypothetical brand character to determine its effectiveness in enhancing brand awareness.(celebrity)


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